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Advice Animal information About the hedgehog

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Hedgehogs are one of our most popular nocturnal mammal in the UK.They are often seen scurrying around hedgerows looking for food. They are brown in colour and can grow upto 9" long. They are normally around 1-2Kg in autumn when they feed and get ready for hibernation.

Natural habitat
Mainly found in hedgerows, fields and gardens under leaves or logs.

What do they eat
They are insectivore and various invertebrates from beetles, millipedes and worms to slugs and snails. They are also prone to dog food too and need water. Do not feed them milk.

Ideal nest filming time

  • In a hedgehog box - Between October and early April
  • In the garden and box - Between May and September
  • Pregnancy - One a year, 3-10 babies between May and September

Things to note
Hedgehogs can climb walls, trees and run fast. Sadly, half of them die before they get old.

Technical details

  • Latin name: Erinaceus europaeus
  • Family: Erinacerdae

We have a well made hedgehog home with or without a camera:

We have ideal camera kits for your box or for filming hedgehogs outside.

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