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Pine bird box, 420 line digital wireless colour camera system
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Pine bird box, 420 line digital wireless colour camera system

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Watch the fascinating world of birds
This high quality, inexpensive hand built nest box camera kit will allow you to watch birds nesting secretly inside a birdhouse in your garden. Watch them on your TV wirelessly. The new digital system, allows you to enjoy your birds, interference free. It has a more powerful transmitter, sending a secure signal up to 150m away.


  • Many happy customers
  • Hours of enjoyment
  • Amazing close-ups
  • Simply plug in and play


  • Ideal gift for all family
  • Handmade in Cornwall
  • Watch, learn and enjoy
  • New interference free technology

...watching live CCTV of blue tits, great tits, robins and other familiar garden birds as they nest, lay eggs and raise a little family, unaware of the nesting cam inside their home. Now you can, with this complete wireless plug in and play system.

Ideal for

The perfect gift for birdwatchers, nature lovers and naturalists at a genuine bargain price. Wonderful present for older parents, and a great Christmas present, too.

What's included
The only kit around that includes everything you need:

  • Complete hand made Cornish Cedar Bird box (19mm thick with stainless screws)
  • Highest quality 420TVL (SONY chip) colour camera with black and white night vision
  • Latest digital wireless transmitter, receiver and power supplies
  • Full fixtures and fittings
  • 10m DC cable to connect to shed or outdoor power
  • 10m AV cable to extend camera away from transmitter
  • Waterproof glanded box
  • Full instructions with hints and tips
  • More information in tabs below...

Features and more information
Click tabs to see more information


Overall features
700 TV line resolutionCCD sensor2.4 digital wirelessFull colourDay and night visionInfra-redHigh gain micTV readyFull manualCE certifiedFCC certifiedOne year warranty

Feature list

Overall features

  • Complete plug in and play system
  • Easy to use and install

Bird box camera features

  • High resolution colour camera
  • 420TVL with SONY chip
  • Colour during the day
  • Black and white during night via IR lights
  • Switching IR allowing maximum colour possible
  • High quality sensitive audio
  • Easy fit, coloured plugs

Wireless features

  • Frequency hopping (FHHS) digital wireless
  • Fully assembled and easy to mount
  • Boosted aerials
  • Waterproof junction box

Camera birdbox features

  • 19mm handy made Cornish made, locally sourced wooden box
  • Full specs as recommended by BTO
  • Bird friendly, untreated inside, hand finished, non toxic teak oil
  • High performance mineral felt roof
  • 2 x resin windows for better light
  • 14 x 25mm stainless steel screws
  • Removable panel for quick access and NEW improved robust latch
  • Hinged roof for quick access
  • Internal ceiling for ease of camera installation

Fixture features

  • Full fixing kit including screws, masonry drill bit and more
  • Tree protector to help protect trees


  • Comes delivered in a plain brown box


More info

Perfect bird box camera system
This camera bird box includes everything you need. Open the box, lift the instructions and nest box out and get started. It is that easy. You will be able to get it working a few minutes and installed in about half an hour even if you are not technically minded.

Bonus included

  • FREE cedar shavings for nesting
  • Full easy, illustrated instructions with details
  • Packed neatly in recycled packaging
  • Set of 3 hole protectors/sizers

How it works
The digital wireless system is very easy to use and install.

digital wireless setup

The kit comes with everything you will need including instructions. All you have to do is:

  • Test everything before installation
  • Connect the receiver to the power plug and the TV.
  • Install the bird box 0 - 150m away from TV.
  • Install the transmitter box in line of sight of the receiver.
  • Connect the camera to the nearest power supply. We do sell DC cable extensions with various lengths - see below.
  • Turn on TV
  • You are now ready to enjoy your birds

Please note - remember the power to the camera
The wireless camera still needs power operate. All wireless plus systems come with The best solution is to go 'semi-wireless', where you should mount the box near a power point like a garden or garage shed wall and connect the camera to the power point via a standard extension lead or our DC cable add-on (see below). The video and audio signal is then sent wirelessly to the receiver.

The system is AV based and can be viewed on most TV's or AV equipment. If you want to view it on a PC, you will need a USB capture device. Also, if you do find that 150m is still not enough, then you can use a wireless booster.

Wireless camera options

Perfect for everyone
The complete camera system is ideal gift for:

  • Elderly parents and grand parents that have everything
  • Schools and nurseries allowing children to enjoy and learn about birds
  • Children to get into nature
  • Organizations and societies to share with wider public
  • And lots more.


Camera specifications

Camera made to specifications. Features advanced SONY Effio chip which auto calibrates the image. It had built in noise reduction, exposure control and more.

  • Camera size = 40mm x 50mm x 30-40mm
  • Image sensor = 420TVL 1/3" CCD SHARP chip
  • Sound = Sensitive mic
  • IR = 10 x IR lights customised for nest box use.
  • Lens = 3.6mm lens
  • Shutter = Electronic
  • Connection = 2 x RCA, 1 x DC (some with BNC)
  • Power = 12v Low power consumption


How easy is this camera to use?
It is very easy. All you do is simply plug in the transmitter and camera to the power. Plug the receiver into the TV and select your AV channel. The picture with then spring to life.

If it is digital, can I pick it up on my computer?
No, the wireless signal is between the transmitter and receiver. However, if you use a USB capture device, you can view or record on a PC or MAC.

I don't have an HD TV, will it work?
Yes, simply plug in the receiver and click your AV button and the signal will appear.

Pros and cons of wired and wireless?
There are many factors that determine whether you should go for a wired or wireless solution. Both are very similar camera systems, but with a few exceptions. Here are the pros and cons of wired or wireless:

  • Why choose wireless
    Slightly easier to install than wired version
    The transmitter is kept away from the camera. This allows you to place the transmitter in a better position to get better reception
    *** NEW Comes with short 10m DC cable to make semi wireless and power camera 24/7
  • Why wired is more popular than wireless
    You still need to run a cable to power the camera
    Wired gives 100% reception

Should I choose wireless digital or wireless plus?
Both the digital and analogue wireless systems are very good. Here are some pros and cons for each.

  • Digital wireless is free of interference as the frequency automatically hops. Wireless + can get interference from wireless devices
  • Digital wireless is stronger than wireless +
  • Digital wireless needs a matched transmitter and receiver. A wireless + system can have interchangeable transmitters and receivers
  • Digital wireless uses a little compression and the image may not be as sharp as wireless+

How do I view and record the footage?
You can view the footage on your TV. We do sell a USB device (PC/MAC) connection, that can connect the receiver upto your computer.

Can I run the system on batteries?
Yes, all you do is connect the transmitter to a 12v battery. Some use a car, lead acid or lithium ion battery.

Is the camera system weatherproof?
The system is designed to be sealed and to keep away the worst of our bad weather. Although the system is designed to work in the extremes of weather, we would recommend that the power to be kept on to keep the camera warm in temperatures below -1C.


Postage options
At we delivery fast, efficiently, worldwide. We currently send parcels all around the world.

For small items, we use Royal Mail. For larger items, we select from the best courier firms*. The delivery cost is calculated on weight. Each item has a weight and total weight is calculated automatically at checkout. The shopping cart will give you options based on total weight. Here is a rough idea of prices. Some high value items like trail cameras are automatically set to courier prices.

UK delivery
Item Service Av Weight Av Price
Small items - Cameras only Signed Post - UK 10g-1kg upto £3.90 (1-2 days)
Small items - Cameras kits Signed Post/courier - UK 1-5kg £5.90 (1 -2 days)
Standard items - Camera nest box Courier - UK 5-19Kg £7.90 (1-2 days)
Large items - Inspection kits/owl boxes Courier - UK 20+Kg £12.00 (1-2 days)


EU delivery - Supplied with EU power supplies
Item Service Av Weight Av Price
Small items - Cameras only Signed Post - EU 10g-1kg Upto £10.00 (2-7 days)
Small items - Cameras kits Signed Post/courier - EU 1-2kg £12.00 (2-7 days)
Standard items - Camera nest box EU countries 5-19Kg £22.00 (2-7 days)
Large items - Inspection kits/owl boxes EU countries 20+Kg Contact us for best rate


World wide delivery - Supplied with US, EU or UK power supplies
Item Service Av Weight Av Price
Small items - Cameras only Signed Post - World 10g-1kg Contact us for best rate
Small items - Cameras kits Signed Post/courier - World 1-5kg Contact us for best rate
Standard items - Camera nest box World 5-19Kg Contact us for best rate
Large items - Inspection kits/owl boxes World 20+Kg Contact us for best rate

* Royal Mail is a signed for service requiring a signature. Courier service selected from DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEX, APC, UK Mail, DPD, Parcel force etc - Most couriers offer delivery notes ie 'leave with neighbour' etc. This can be added at the end of the purchase process. All payments will be taken in UK pound Stirling and converted by your bank automatically into your currency at their rate.



“Surprising how easy it is to use and setup.”
Mr P Robbins - Devon review-starreview-starreview-starreview-starreview-star

Reviews wanted
If you have this item, we would like to hear your comments. Please feel free to contact us.

If you ever want to quickly examine somewhere that is physically impossible to see, then this is ideal. The kit comes with everything you need in one box. For inspection cameras, this one is one of the easiest to use and with the facility to transmit to your phone or mobile device is extremely useful.




If you purchase this today, you will receive handy tips guide FREE along with your instructions.

We have compiled a list of top tips from 1000's of customers which will help you in every aspect of using the product.

The tips are written and edited by experts and ideal way of getting the best out of your purchase.

Exclusive to those who buy this product only.

100% Peace of mind reasons for buying a complete Handykam
The full kit includes:
Tick 100% high quality, low cost product
Tick Complete kit included
Tick Well made parts from around world
Tick FSC, LOW carbon, FC, CE certificated
Tick Designed by experts
Tick Specifically designed optics
Tick Modular system for easy upgrade
Tick Full instructions, easy to install and use
Tick Enjoy 24 hours a day 7 days per week
Tick Value for money
Tick Extra knowlege and advice
The full service includes:
Tick 100% peace of mind service
Tick Full 12 months parts guarantee*
Tick Money back guarantee
Tick 100% customer focused company
Tick Legal UK Limited company
Tick 10 years trading history
Experienced staff with years of training
Tick Years in development and refinement
Fast delivery by reputable couriers
Welcome all feedback and ideas
Helpful, friendly service and advice

* Unless stated otherwise





























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