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Proud corporate supporters of Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Leading UK company
Trusted by experts in 100+ leading worldwide institutions like BBC, UK Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, WWF, Oxford University, London Zoo, Environmental Agency, World Parrot Trust, + many UK schools, Universities and Authorities.

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No.1 choice for bird box camera systems
Handykam is a leading UK/European manufacturer & seller of specialist wildlife camera systems. Our products are designed and produced by professionals with many years of experience. We are constantly designing and redesign new products and electronics to suit ever changing needs and requirements. In most cases we normally exceed expectations and produce good quality products at great value and service. Our products are the choice by professionals and first time users alike.

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Handykam camera bird boxes
Handykam bird box cameras
Don't just take our word for it
Recommended products

Handykam bird boxes

Our systems exceptionally popular that have been developed over many years. The design was developed from and far exceed the recommendations by the BTO and RSPB. Birds love them and keep returning year after year.

Handykam customer logos

There are many boxes out there, why choose Handykam?

  • Most comprehensive kit with the best value for money available today.
  • Proven track record from many thousands of customers around the world.
  • Products chosen by professional researchers, top institution projects.
  • Featured on most national and international media networks.
  • Designed by experienced professionals to latest standards.
  • Handmade in UK by 10 year UK registered company.

Overall : Handykam Cornish design pine and cedar nest box systems

  • Easy to use and install.
  • Expandable for future.
  • Well made and designed to last.
  • Ideal for people of all ages.

Handykam overall

Handykam bird box size

Size features : Handykam Cornish design pine and cedar nest box systems

  • The dimensions are perfect for all types of song birds.
  • The size of these boxes exceed normal recommendations.
  • The floor space is perfect for nests of all sizes.
  • The extra height is ideal for better air quality in box.
  • Large roof to throw water off the box.

Design features : Handykam Cornish design pine and cedar nest box systems

  • Construction
    • Constructed for birds and technology in mind.
    • Thick construction and build to last.
    • 19mm wood, planed and sanded.
    • Stainless steel screws throughout.
    • Designed to last many years in all weathers.
    • Hand painted with non toxic paint or teak oil.

Handykam construction

Pine nest box
  • The wood: Pine
    • PEFC and FSC from low impact sustainable resource.
    • Every tree is replaced with a new one.
    • 19mm for extra rigidity and insulation in winter.
    • Proven material for birds.
    • Breaths and regulates temperature of box.
  • The wood: Cedar
    • FSC from low impact sustainable resource.
    • Every tree taken down another is planted.
    • Low carbon, locally sourced.
    • Pulled out of forest by horses.
    • Solar kiln dried.
    • 19mm for extra rigidity and insulation in winter.
    • Proven material for birds.
    • Regulates temperature of box and allows to breathe.

    Cedar bird box

    Bird box roof
    • The roof
      • Overhanging roof to throw water off box and keep sides dry.
      • Entrance hole 125mm minimum off the floor to prevent predators grabbing eggs.
      • Polymer hinged, lift up roof for easy access.
      • 20 year polmer roof felt for long lasting weatherproofing.
      • Extended roofing felt over back plate for extra weatherproofing.
      • Nailed and glued for extra rigidity.
      • Strong nylon roof clip with stainless screw and brass pin.
    • The sides
      • Sloped to allow rain to run off rood.
      • Slotted to allow cable protection and easy fit.
      • Sealed windows added to box to be dry and daylight in box for cameras.
      • Optional camera hole for alternative camera position.
      • The windows
        • Refracted windows to not disturb birds.
        • Lets enough light in camera for colour to work.
        • 50mm windows to let in perfect amount of light.

      Bird box sids

          Bird box front
          • The floor
            • Thick 19mm floor.
            • Drilled ventilation, drainage and dryness.
            • Floor inset from bottom to keep dry.
          • The front
            • 3 part panel
              • Three part front to allow removable sections.
              • Removable top panel for open nesting birds like robins.
              • Removable bottom panel for cleaning.
            • Entrance hole
              • The entrance hole is big enough for all major song birds.
              • It is 125mm minimum above the floor to prevent predators grabbing eggs or babies.
          • The back
            • Large back for stability and easy positioning.
            • Pre-drilled holes to allow easy installation.
          • Removable ceiling
            • Removable internal ceiling for optional overhead camera.
            • Ceiling and rails to lift cables away from birds and keep them dry under lid.
            • Easy/safe camera installation, while up a ladder.

            Nest box ceiling

            Bird box cameras
            • The cameras
              • Specifically modified cameras for nest box use.
              • Re-focusable and lockable lens.
              • Ideal for nest box with correct focal distance and depth of field.
              • CCD, CMOS, wired and wireless options for flexibility.
              • Switching IR for maximum light quality.
              • Sensitive mic.
              • Robust camera body, withstand various temperatures and conditions.
              • Swivel and tild bracket for perfect positioning.
              • Improved wireless for extra distance.
            • The parts (No other company supplies this for the price):
              • Stainless steel hole protectors to help protect the entrance hole from predators and are non rust, easy to fit with brass panel pins.
              • Scart connection to help users connect to a TV or AV equipment easily for cover 99% of all TV's.
              • Full fixing kit to allow ease of installation.
              • 16mm 400mm drill bit for easy installation.
              • Wire puller, allowing cable to be pulled through wall.
              • Foam plugs to re-seal hoes.

              Bird box parts

              Bird box cable
              • The cable
                • High quality AV composite cable.
                • Only need one cable as opposed to several cables.
                • Resilient, waterproof.
                • Black for camouflage in garden.
                • High quality push fit connectors to high international standards.
                • Various lengths and ease of upgrade.

              Buying our bird box cameras
              All handykam cameras are specifically designed for bird box use. We worked over several years to choose the best technology, correct configuration and representing the best value for money available today. As a result, we have become a market leader, sending out many thousands of cameras around the world.  The cameras have been used by professionals for research projects through to back gardens dotted throughout Europe & world.

              Ideal bird box cameras

              Most of the cameras on the market today are generic CCTV cameras and don’t have many of the benefits that our cameras have. Our cameras:

              • Are ideal for bird box use. Having the correct camera helps get a perfect picture as well as not harm the birds.
              • Use the correct lens and image chip combinations. This is important to get the correct combination and ratio for quality.
              • Supply Sony, Sharp or equivalent chipsets. This is important to get good quality brands.
              • Correct IR sensor, giving you good switching IR lights. This improves the colour and quality of the image.
              • Sensitive, low pickup mics. This is for a good overall sensory experience.
              • Correct lens for camera . Having optics that allow you to focus to the subject and adjust where needed.
              • All ROHS and safety certified by trained professionals. This gives you 100% piece of mind.

              The features of our cameras
              Our cameras have many useful features which help add to the experience. They are build to last and well designed. Here are a few of the features:

              • Body – Strong metal casing which is relatively waterproof.
              • Lens – The lenses are interchangeable. Normally, they are idea for our boxes.
              • Focusing – The lenses can be adjusted to refocus at different distances
              • Brackets – These allow you to swivel and tilt your camera into most positions
              • Invisible infra-red lights – These are mounted around the camera and invisible to the eye. They only come on when the sensor tells them too.
              • IR sensor - Switch between Day and night vision. Most cameras you get today don't have this feature.
              • Connectors – Easy fit international standard connectors.
              • Mic - Small and very sensitive

              Camera specifications
              Slighly bigger by again versatile bird box cameras


              CCD V CMOS

              • 1a CCD image during day - More natural colour
              • 1b CCD image during night - Crisp with high contrast
              • 2a CMOS image during day - Richer colours
              • 2b CMOS image during night - Good all-round image

              CCD or CMOS cameras
              There are two main technologies available today, both are very similar, but slightly different technology. CCD is short for Charged Coupled Device and CMOS is short for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.  The technology is like the Sony and Betamax story, where they are very similar, both competing for the international standard.

              With our bird box cameras, the CCD is a slightly higher resolution than the CMOS cameras. Here are the comparisons on the right as well as the table below.


                Compare CMOS with CCD cameras




                Overall quality

                Usually smoother or softer image.

                Usually more crisper and defined


                Most small CMOS cameras start at 380 TVL (TV lines). This is classed as medium resolution.

                Most CCD’s are higher resolutions or higher quality. Normally they start at 420 TVL. (TV lines). This is classed as high resolution


                More richer colour

                More natural colour

                Colour Black and white with slight green tint Clear b/w image


                Cost-effective due to technology

                Slightly more expensive due to technology

                Size of camera

                Usually, slightly smaller

                Usually slightly bigger

                Overall Whether you choose CCD or CMOS cameras, they are perfect for enjoying and monitoring your birds.

              Don't just take our word for it

              Very many thanks for the Handykam - I installed the box and camera over the weekend and must say that
              I am very impressed with the both the product and results.Mr D S


              HI there, I received my bird boxes this morning, Have got the first one up and running.Great product @ a good price.
              If only IKEA instructions were as good as yours. All I need now is for the birds to arrive. Mr I L


              Hi, received the nest boxes yesterday. Excellent service and speedy delivery. Thank you and Merry Christmas. Kind regards Mr J B

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              As you can see there is a lot of designing, planning that goes into a camera bird box. We offer the the most comprehensive system on the market today. When you buy a Handykam system, you will see what value you are getting. Feel rest assured that you will not be disappointed.

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              Any other questions - Please call +44 (0)1736 756277