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4MP HD IP colour outdoor camera kit with 20m cable and power
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4MP HD IP colour outdoor camera kit with 20m cable and power

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Its here….its landed IP cameras at Due to popular demand and the technology improving, we are pleased to announce we are releasing a range of IP cameras.

Wildlife camera
This is a fantastic wildlife camera that gives wonderful 4MP colour images during the day and crisp black and white footage at night. This wonderful camera gives an impressive picture with full control on all the visual qualities.

The camera is jam packed with features:

  • Full colour HD video during the day
  • Full Night vision (B/W) HD at night to a distance of upto 30m
  • 4mm lens for 60° view
  • Send video and power through one digital cable (PoE)
  • Easy to mount and use.
  • Outdoor rated
  • Powered by technology from the largest producer of CCTV in the world

100’s of uses
The camera is perfect for:

  • Wildlife watching
  • Farm livestock watching
  • CCTV and monitoring
  • and many more...

What is an IP camera
IP is short for Internet Protocol camera. This is a fancy name for a camera that can be viewed on most computers, tablets, phones and more. It takes the video signal and allows you to record and access it easily without many converters etc.

What’s included
The kit comes with:

  • High end 4MP IP camera with bracket
  • 20m cable (Changeable)
  • Built in software
    • Change settings on camera
    • Motion recording software
  • Additional PC software
    • Motion recording
    • Time and date stamp
    • Multiple camera access
  • 12v power supply
  • Power injector (POE)- Allows power to travel down the digital cable.
  • Glanded box to waterproof connectors when outdoors

How does it work – simply?
The setup is fairly straight forward. All you do is connect the camera upto your router with the digital cable and power injector. Once connected, you can then access the camera via any device.

How to view the footage?
Each device that is connected to your router is in a network and is given a unique address. This is called an IP address. In order to view the camera you can either type in the IP address in your browser or use software to view, record or manage the footage. (Free with the camera). Most CCTV apps are able to view the camera, but you may need to configure your router to all allow it to be seen outside the home.

Why IP?
First there was analogue, then there was high end analogue and now there is IP. Don’t worry, there are a lot of acronyms. Don’t get bogged down. IP can come in different resolutions normally either specified in resolution (p) or mega pixel (MP).






CBVS (Composite)

Low cost high quality

Not the highest quality, need a converter to view on different devices

High end analogue


Twice the resolution of CBVS, low cost

Cannot view, need a converter to view on different devices


720p, 1024p

High quality, easy to access on any platform

Needs to connect to router, may need a little configuration.

The setup is really easy. All you do is:

  1. Connect the injector to your power supply. Connect your router to the injector. This allows the power to go down the digital cable and data to come back.
  2. Connect the other end of the cable to your camera.
  3. Click on some software, it will find the address of the camera on your network.
  4. Watch the camera in your browser and change all the settings.
  5. Install extra software to monitor, motion record and all other things.
    * There are other ways to setup without installing software.


  • Up to 4 megapixel HD resolution
  • Full HD1080p video
  • Dual stream
  • 4mm fixed lens
  • 120dB Wide Dynamic Range
  • 3D Digital Noise Reduction
  • Backlight Compensation
  • DC12V & PoE
  • Support H.264+
  • Up to 30m IR range
  • 3-axis bracket adjustment
  • IP67 weather-proof protection
  • Metallic housing & bracket

FREE motion recording software included (Available as a download)

The camera has inbuilt software, but sometimes this is not enough. Therefore, in order to get the best out of your camera, we have included free software. The software allows you to:

  • View and record multiple cameras on one software
  • Motion capture the recording
  • Add time and date stamps
  • Notification
  • Streaming (Advanced service option)
  • Loads more

Upgrade options

The camera has the ability to stream live to your network, computers and devices. The software allows you to record onto a computer. However, you can upgrade the camera in a couple of ways

  • Dedicated recording
    Add a network video recorder. This is a box (like a DVR) allows you to record all the time or when there is motion. The recorder will handle old cameras too.
  • Homeplug
    If your router is located far away from your camera, this is not a problem as you can use a homeplug system. This is where you can transmit the digital signal along the power cables. This does not harm or use extra electricity, it simply allows you to create a network using the power plugs in your home.
  • Pro Streaming
    If you are a project, school and want to stream the camera professionally, then please call us.


How easy is it to set up?
IP cameras have got a lot easier to setup over the past couple of years. All you do is latterly run the

I have a router that is slightly different, will it work?
The camera should be able to talk to all routers. All you do is connect it up and find the address and away you go.

Will the camera work on a MAC?
Once the camera is connected your router you can view it on a PC, Mac, etc. The motion software does not work, but please feel free to order mac motion software if you want to from the menu.

Can I view the camera on my phone/tablet?
When you are on the same network ie when you are at home this is very easy. All you do is download an app and add the camera. You will be able to see it. If you want to see the signal outside your home it may need someone with computer knowledge to set this up. Or you can buy a NVR that can view the system and allow you to automatically record and stream anywhere at anytime.

I want to record but I don’t want to use a PC, can I do this?
Yes, what you need is an NVR. This is a Network video Recorder. This is a box that looks like a DVD player and allows you to record all the footage as well as allowing you to access it anywhere.

How easy is it to motion record?
In order to motion record or record any movement when you are not around is to use the special motion capture software. This will allow you to connect the camera and set the sensitivity to record to the hard drive. The nice thing is that you can set it up to have a time and date stamp too.

Can I have it wireless?
In order for the camera to run you need to run power too it. This means that you have to run a cable to it. Therefore, you may as well have wired. Currently the wireless versions are not strong enough, but we will be adding this as an option later on. So you can modify this late.