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DigiMiniCam HD camera kit - 2MP IP camera, IR, 20m, No audio
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DigiMiniCam HD camera kit - 2MP IP camera, IR, 20m, No audio

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Introducing the new DigiMiniCam HD kit. This high definition colour camera that has night vision with audio, exclusively brought to you by

Over 5 years ago, we released the first commercial IP bird box camera kit. Since then, we have been working on a small camera that is viewable on any device, jam packed with features.

Feature rich
So much in such a little camera.  
•    Full 2MP HD colour camera
•    Viewable on most devices - mobile, tablet or computer
•    Day/Night vision with auto switching sensor
•    Hi-gain sensitive mic
•    Compact design and shape
•    12v with POE (Power over Ethernet)

This powerful mini camera has many applications.
•    Nest box cam / Bird box camera
•    Mini wildlife camera
•    Covert CCTV camera

How it works
The internet ready camera is viewable on most devices. All you do is connect the camera to your router, find the IP address and type it into your browser or software!* How good is that. With a couple more steps you can allow the camera to be viewable/accessible to the world.

In order to record the footage, you will need pro motion capture software. You can either purchase it above or we do include links to demos for you to use and install.

What’s included
The DigiMiniCam HD comes with everything you need.
•    2MP HD Camera with POE connector
•    12v POE injector - (Adds power to data cable so you only need one cable to camera)
•    1 x 20m high quality data cable
•    1 x 2m high quality data cable
•    Power injector – This puts 12vs down the data cable

Cameras compared



 DigiMiniCam HD  700TVL analogue camera

* Higher definition - 1920x1080
* Richer colour and sharpness
* Wider format 16:9 ratio - For wide tv's
* Computer ready
* 15fps

* High quality image - 900x677
* Good all-round
* 3:4 ratio - Image scaled on TV
* Plugs into tv
* Full frame rate

One not to miss
Over the years we constantly get asked when we will be bringing out a new HD camera. We are really excited to announce this new addition to the family. If you want a small mini cam that really stands out, then go for this camera. You will not be disappointed.

Technical bit
•    Camera – 2MP IP camera with IR
•    System – Embedded RTOS, dual core 32bit
•    Sensor – 2.0MP (1080p) 1/2.7 CMOS sensor, 0.1Lux @ F1.2
•    Vid compression – H.264
•    Image output – Main stream 1920x1080(15fps) 1280 x 720/704*576 sub streams
•    Shutter – 1/50 (1/60)s to 1/10,000s
•    Lens – 3.6mm M12 Lens - Minimum focal distance - 5cm - Angle of view 90deg
•    Day/Night – Infra-red 940nm with LDR sensor
•    Noise reduction – Yes/2D and 3D
•    Wide dynamic – Digital
•    Interface – 1 * RJ45 10/100m with POE – RTSP/FTP/PPPOE/DHCP/NTP/UPnP
•    Audio – No audio
•    Reliability – Tested up 65deg / Lightning passed
•    Other function – OSD, video transmission, motion detect, alarms, PC storage
•    Interface platform – Ms Explorer
•    ONVIF – Yes
•    Image enhancement – Yes – Brightness, contrast, auto white balance etc
•    Power – 12v/1A

Footage filmed with this camera
Check out the footage below that was filmed using the camera. The colour, clarity and definition are really good.

How easy is it to install and use?
The camera is very easy to install and use. Simply pop the camera into a bird box, run the cable back to the power supply (injector) and then plug the short data cable into your router. Type in the IP address into your browser and you are away.

How do I view it on my phone/tablet?
All you do is download a CCTV app. If you are connected to the same router then type in the IP address or use the search feature and it will find it.  

How can I view this on my TV?
The only way to see this on a TV is if it is a smart TV. Or you can view the footage if the camera is connected to a NVR/DVR.

Why is the camera wired not wireless?
Wireless IP has technical limitations. In order to give the best in optical technology, we thought we would concentrate on a wired version.

Do I need a separate power supply?
No, all you do is plug in the 12v power supply and away you go. It has POE, which means you can plug this in at the network end and power will travel down through the cable to the camera.

How does the camera switch between day and night?
The camera has an intelligent sensor (LDR) that detects light levels. When it gets to 1 LUX, the camera then switches from day to night vision without you having to do anything.

Can anyone view the camera?
When the camera is connected to your router, any device connected to that router can view the camera. If you want the wider world to view the camera, then you need to open a port on your router. This is call port forwarding.

Can I use my old cables?
Unfortunately, the cameras run on ethernet cables (LAN, cat5, cat6 cables) and won't run on old AV cables. 

Will it slow my network down?
The camera has a small footprint and should not slow your network down. If you are concerned you can run it into another router and have this as a dedicated network.

Can I use the camera outdoors?
The camera can be used outdoors, but it needs to have a cover and not be exposed to water/rain. If you are using it in a bird box, just pin the cable/connector up. If you don't have space, please contact us for junction box.

What IP address is the camera?
By default we have set the IP camera to dynamic IP ( DHCP) Your network will assign it an IP address)

Can the camera be used in an owl box, hedgehog box?
Yes, this camera is small enough to pop in anywhere. All you do is drill a 5mm hole, put the bolt through and spin the wingnut on and you are away.

* The connection and ease of connection is subject to the network and device you are trying to use with the camera (ie 3rd party hardware). We have tested it on many devices and networks and work well. Some may require a little more configuration or alternative hardware. For these, you may need to consult a networking expert to help. Unfortunetly, we cannot guarantee compatibility with every 3rd party hardware or configurations.

Audio version coming soon - £20 more.