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Meerkam wildlife inspection camera
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Meerkam wildlife inspection camera

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NEW...Handheld wildlife inspection kit

Investigating wildlife can be challenge. Small creatures, birds and animals are often obscured by their location. However, with the world’s first handheld, remote wildlife inspection kit called the Meerkam, you can now explore, monitor and record wildlife quickly and easily. A perfect item for any nature lover.

What is it?
The Meerkam is a compact mini camera, screen, recorder rolled into one. The small waterproof camera is positioned on the end of a bendable gooseneck, allowing it to be positioned in the smallest of holes and the most inaccessible areas.

Ideal gadget and tool for:

  • Zoos, research institutions, organisations, schools
  • Wildlife professionals to nature lovers
  • Every age from young to old
  • Serious wildlife surveys to fun inspections

The wireless colour monitor makes it an effortless breeze to see and enjoy the footage at arm’s length. With a simple push of a button, you can record LIVE footage without disturbing wildlife or habitat. At a later stage, you can then view, edit your footage on a PC or MAC with ease.

It is extremely easy to use and very versatile for virtually any situation.  

Meerkam wildlife inspection camera
The wildlife inspection camera


Pond dipping
Easy pond and river inspections

In fact here are some possible uses:

  • Wildlife - Birds, mammals, insects, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, fish, spiders, molluscs, crustaceans, trees, shrubs, wild flowers, plants, grasses, fungi.
  • Investigating – Habitats, feeding areas, nests, nesting sites, nest boxes, aviaries, dens, warrens, holes, lairs, sets, burrows, runs, sleeping areas.
  • Hidden wild habitats - Hedgerows, wetlands, ponds, coastal pools, estuary, salt marsh, beaches, dunes, river ways, streams, mires, fens, bogs, woodlands, verges, grassland, heath land, uplands, farms.
  • Hidden domestic habitats -  Gardens, urban environments, aviaries, pet homes, coups, lofts, small holdings, fish tanks, zoos and parks
  • 1000’s uses – Research, investigations, surveys, monitoring

How it works
The Meerkam very easy to use and comes with a comprehensive manual too.  All you do is turn the monitor and lights on, bend the gooseneck into the desired position and you are away. You can simply watch and record video or stills very easily. All the controls for the recording are on the side of the monitor and are very easy to learn. The recordings are then saved on a miniature SD card, which is inserted into the monitor.

Hand held inspection
Easy to use



Meerkam closeup

The monitor can either be popped onto the handle or used wirelessly in hard to reach positions. The recordings can either be played back on the monitor or viewed on a computer at a later date. You can even plug the small monitor into a big plasma to get even more detail.

The system is powered by 4 x AA batteries in the handle. This operates the lights and lasts for hundreds of inspections. The monitor has an internal lithium ion battery and comes with the charger and last 2hrs on a full charge. The system is easy and quick to use.

Perfect for everyone
The Meerkam wildlife inspection system is perfect education, research, business’ as well as a fun gadget for young and old. It is perfect for:

  • Research – Ideal for university projects and research papers.
  • Study  – Ideal for schools and colleges as it covers most of the curriculum.
  • Wildlife surveys – Ideal for all types of surveys, large and small. Just have quick inspection and record the footage for later. A must for all wildlife groups, parks, zoos, business, pest control, wildlife groups, Environmental health businesses.
  • Inspections – Groups to individuals, young and old

Meerkam inspecting
Investigating wildlife


Inspection kit
The full kit

This is a small hand held system that can be easily carried or stowed away for fast wildlife inspections. Whether you are doing a wildlife survey or taking a bunch of kids on a wildlife ramble, this is a perfect kit for you.

The full kit

The meerkam system comes with everything you need and perfect for rummaging or quick inspections in the remotest of locations. The kit includes:

  • Waterproof colour camera with bright variable lights
  • 1m bendable gooseneck
  • 3.5” Wireless colour TFT recording monitor
  • Easy to hold, light grip
  • Power supply charger
  • Accessories

Waterproof camera and bendable gooseneck
The 9mm diameter waterproof colour camera is situated on the end of the 1m bendable gooseneck cable. The camera has several variable ultra bright LED lights which are controlled smoothly with the thumb wheel on the underside of grip. This allows you to see colour in the dark.

The camera head is small enough to position into the tightest of holes and the cable can be virtually bent in any position. Once it is bent into position, it normally stays there.

9mm colour camera - with lights and 1m flexibility

Inspection monitor
Monitor with easy to use buttons and large display

The wireless recording monitor
One of the unique features of Meerkam is a wireless monitor. The monitor can easily be added to the grip (wired) or taken off (wireless). The camera then transmits to the wireless monitor allowing the camera to be twisted and turned while keeping the monitor still. The monitor has an internal lithium battery which needs to be charged every 2 hrs.

The wireless recording monitor: Recording
Footage can be recorded by using the buttons on the monitor. You can record stills or full motion movies directly to a memory card which is positioned easily in the monitor. Recording is very easy, simply press one button and you can record. Reviewing your footage is a snip. Just scroll down the date and times and you can have instant playback.

Inpsection camera recording SD card
Record on a Micro SD card.

Inspection camera accessories

The grip
The grip is where you hold the device. It is easy to hold and light to handle. Roll the thumb wheel under the hand to control the lights on the camera. The grip takes four AA batteries (Supplied) to allow the lights to work.

In the kit is a set of tools which can be added to the end of the camera. There is a pickup too for picking up small items, a mirror for looking at 90 degrees to the camera and there is magnetic tool for picking up items. All are very handy for many useful situations.

FREE ad-ons
Along with the kit, there are several free ad-ons. We have included a FREE 2GB memory card for you to record your video clips and stills too.

We have also included a set of 4 batteries for the system as well as full instructions.

FREE add-ons
Batteries and memory card

Meerkam case
Robust case for transportation

Robust case
Your Meerkam wildlife inspection kit will come in a hard wearing plastic case and is lockable with a padlock. Perfect for carrying in any location.

Demo video
This HD video clip shows the Meerkam kit in operation and some of the rather useful functions.

Demo clip
Demo clip filmed from the Meerkam. The quality is slighly better than what is displayed as this version has been compressed for the web. Check what the squirrel does near the end.

The specifications are very conclusive. Please read below.

Camera Model No.  
Imaging Sensor CMOS
Total Pixels 640X480
Horizontal View Angle 45 degree
Transmission Frequency 2468MHz
Minimum Illumination 0 Lux
Modulation Type FM
Bandwidth 18MHz
Tube Diameter 9mm
Power Supply 4 x AA batteries
Unobstructed Effective Range 10m
Waterproof Capacity IP67 only for imager head
Dimensions(W x D x H) 186 x 145 x 41(mm)
Weight(about) 450g


Monitor Model No.  
LCD Screen Type 3.5 " TFT-LCD
Effective Pixels 320(R.G.B.) x 240
Video System PAL/NTSC
Transmission Frequency 2414M Hz, 2432M HZ,2450M Hz, 2468M Hz
Exterior Supply Voltage 5VDC
Consumption Current (Max.) 500mA
Charge Time 3 hours
Work Time 2 hours
Picture/Video Pixels 640 x 480
Video Size 27MB/minute
Frame Rate 30 frame/second
Video Output Level 0.9-1.3Vpp@750hm
Receiving Sensitivity
Dimensions(W x D x H) 100 x 70 x 25(mm)
Weight 140g
Operating Temperature -10 DC~+50 DC/+ 14°F~+ 122°F
Operating Humidity 15%~85%RH

Thank you
Thank you very much to our product testers Dale and Kane who had great fun using the kit and giving us valuable feedback.

Before you go trampling over rare habitats and pushing the camera into nests and dens, please observe a few rules.

  • Before inspecting areas, try to get as much information as possible about the location and its animals. Learn as much as you can
  • Obtain any permission. Certain areas may be restricted access, so please get permission before use.
  • Be aware that it is illegal to disturb certain animals and most birds while nesting. Search “Wildlife and Countryside Act”. If in any doubt, consult your local wildlife trust.
  • Try to have minimal impact on habitats and environments as possible. The idea is to view, enjoy, record and leave.
  • Have fun.


100% Peace of mind reasons for buying a complete Handykam
The full kit includes for :
100% high quality, low cost product for maximum enjoyment
Complete kit with no other items required (Outlined above)

Well made and robust for most use

FSC, LOW carbon, FC, CE certificated
Designed by wildlife experts, complying to the highest standards
Specifically designed optics and modified electronics
Full instructions, easy to install and use
Enjoy 24 hours a day seven days per week viewing
Total value for money
The full service includes:
100% peace of mind service
Full 12 months parts guarantee
Money back guarantee

100% customer focused company

Legal UK Limited company with over 10 year trading history
Many years experience in woodwork and electronics
Years in development and refinement
Fast delivery by reputable couriers
Welcome all feedback and ideas
Helpful, friendly service and advice
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