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Shop Cameras only Colour 540 line CCD high resolution camera


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Colour 540 line CCD high resolution camera
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Colour 540 line CCD high resolution camera

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Imagine buying a high quality camera at low cost. Now you can...

The miniature 540TVL colour camera is ideal for wildlife watching, bird box watching, surveillance and lots more.

This is perfect for bird box cameras, wildlife cameras and more.  Normally, our cameras are sold as part of a kit. However, you are now able to buy a camera on its own.  

  • Watch all forms of wildlife, birds, hedgehogs, etc..
  • Easy to place anywhere
  • Perfect surveillance camera
  • Perfect educational tool
  • Ideal gift for all family
  • Watch, learn and enjoy


CCD bird box camera
Amazing high quality, high resolution CCD colour camera
  • High quality, high resolution colour CCD nest box camera and IR

    • The high quality colour camera
    • Easy to fit and a unplug
    • Place in several locations in box
    • See colour in day
    • Engineered adjustable tilting camera bracket
    • High quality phono connectors
    • Manual focus, allowing you to refocus and lock with screw
    • See black and white/ infra red at night
    • Splash proof metal housing
    • Developed and adapted specifically for nest box use
    • Tested and pre-focused for nest box use.
    • Can be used with our feeder


It's simple to set up!
Just screw or bolt the camera to the wall or roof of your nest box (stainless steel bolt and thumb screw provided) and attach the cable. Plug the other end of the cable into the power adaptor and the SCART or AV socket on your TV. The camera lens can be easily focused by turning it with your fingers. To focus simply place the focus chart near the bottom of your box and rotate the lens until the test pattern on your TV picture is clear. It's a good idea to set up the camera in your box near the TV first as this will make it easier to focus. The camera can focus from down to within a couple of centimetres to infinity (further away), depending on your needs.

Connection setup


Camera Specifications

The cameras are designed and modified for bird box use. There are many features.Here is some good technical info if you want to know more.

  • PAL (works with UK TVs, VCR's and DVD recorders)
  • 540 line high quality CCD chip
  • 1/3" sensor (CCD) with 69� angle
  • 10 infrared switching or controlled LED's (built in)
  • Microphone, sensitive (mono, built in)
  • Changeable lens with lens cap
  • Gamma and white balance correction
  • Electronic shutter for fast filming
  • Composite video output (works with UK TVs, VCR's and DVD recorders)



Camera viewing distance

The cameras are ideal for nestbox use, focusing from 5cm to infinity, allowing you to it for many applications. The diagram to the right gives you a guide to approximately how much of your nest box will be in view when you fix your camera at different distances. For example if you fit the camera 30cm above the floor of the box you would get an approximate area of 27 cm by 20 cm in view. You will be able to focus the lens by undoing a little grub screw under the lens and turning the lens (Black part) anti clockwise.


Please note that the lighter the colour of the interior of your nest box (including the walls) the brighter your picture picture will be (day or night).


Having the correct IR levels are also important. This camera is ideally suited for handykam nest boxes and there is the correct balance between natural light during the day and correct focal distance between camera and base.

CCD focus chart
Camera specifications distance chart

All this for a bargain price
This is a perfect for all small camera projects.

100% Peace of mind reasons for buying a complete
Perfect camera
100% high quality, low cost product for maximum enjoyment
High quality camera
FSC, LOW carbon, FC, CE certificated
Designed by experts, complying to the highest standards
Specifically designed optics and modified electronics
Modular system for easy upgrade or use with other products
Easy to install and use
Enjoy 24 hours a day seven days per week viewing
Total value for money
The full service includes:
100% peace of mind service
Full 12 months parts guarantee
Money back guarantee

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Many years experience in woodwork and electronics
Years in development and refinement
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