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Waterproofing amalgamation tape
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Waterproofing amalgamation tape

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Seal a cable or camera joint with specialist waterproofing amalgamation tape. Its easy to apply and works well.

Its simple to use and works well
Having cable connectors exposed to the elements is never a good idea. This can cause components to fail as well as connectors to corrode. A perfect solution is to use some self-amalgamation tape. The tape is 19mm wide and 10m long and it a complete roll.

Waterproofing made easy

  • Easy to use
  • Protects from the worst of the elements
  • Use with all our cameras

How does it work
All you do is peal the rubber tape off the backing paper for a couple of cm's. Wind this around the joint while gently stretching the tape and overlapping as you wind round. Keep pulling the backing tape away as you wind. Make sure that you keep the tension high and until the connections are covered. Cut tape with a pair of scissors. To disconnect the connectors, just cut off the amalgamation tape and re-tape with new tape once again.

It has 1000's of other applications, grab a roll today and never be without.

Amalgmation tape