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Join the buzz and save our bees – Watch the bee cam too.

Handykam cameras are being used for the successful National Trust and BBC’s Bee Part of it campaign. Check out the ‘Bee-cam’ and help support their campaign.

Support the bee part of it campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to combat the plight of bees throughout the UK, by placing 45+ colonies around the country. The bee numbers have halved over the last 20 years, due to habitat change, varroa mite and climate change.

Bees play a vital role in pollinating our crops and helping our well balanced ecosystems. Without bees, we may have trouble growing certain crops, reduction in honey as well as have a nock on affect on other insects and wildlife.

The National Trust with the expert knowledge of Kevin Babey (BBC cameraman and Harry Potter films) and Andy Cutler-Davies (National Trust Bee Expert) installed 2 of our cameras as bee cams at Mottisfont, Hampshire. They opted for a CCD camera for internal use and a vari-focal camera for external use. The shots are amazing especially the close-ups of the queen laying eggs.

They will be documenting the bee hive throughout the summer, filming the lives of bees in a ‘B brother’ style blog.

Bee Part of It! from National Trust on Vimeo.

Bee Part of It! - Bees' arrival at Mottisfont from National Trust on Vimeo.

Have a look at the clips, keep popping back to the National Trust website for updates and more importantly, support their worthy campaign.

Thank you to Kevin Babey, Andy Cutler-Davies and all at the National Trust.

We wish you all the best for your extremely valuable campaign.

More info:
Bee-Cam – Check out the latest update to be cam.
National Trust website – More information about National Trust.
Mottisfont website – See the bee-cam in action.
BBC Bee Part Of It campaign – Read more information.
Bumble bee conservation - Read more info to help our bees.

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