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At handykam, we send many nest box cameras, wildlife cameras around the world. The cameras are often used in a huge range of important research projects, helping scientists further understanding the natural world around us.

It was great pleasure to see our Meerkam wildlife inspection camera featured on BBC1’s The One Show on May 31st 2012, where the wildlife inspection camera was used in important research on nesting habits of Longtail Tits. The research is currently being undertaken by Professor Ben Hatchwell at the University of Sheffield.
BBC one show handykam
Handykam featured on BBC's The One Show
Mike Dilger iPlayer
See Mike Dilger using the Meerkam on The One Show - Click image

The feature was wonderfully presented by the wildlife ecologist; Mike Dilger who visited Professor Ben Hatchwell and team in Sheffield earlier this Spring.

In the feature, Mike used the Meerkam to peer inside the intricately built Long Tail Tit nest to see five beautiful eggs.

The Meerkam is a perfect gadget for monitoring nests eggs and all forms of wildlife inspection. It has a small 9mm colour camera on the end of a bendable neck and is perfect for peering into the smallest of holes. The controllable lights can be easily adjusted to help get perfect live pictures on the built in monitor. Not only can you see the hidden world, you can also record footage on a microSD card (Provided with kit).
This is only one example of very important projects using Meerkams to help understand the wild
world around us. Please note you may need a special licence to look into to certain nests and habitats.

Special thanks to:

  • Professor Ben Hatchwell and the team at University of Sheffield
  • Mike Dilger and camera crew
  • BBC One Show

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