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Congratulations, you have an eVoucher (Electronic voucher for short) to spend on The eVoucher is a way of getting discount from your order by entering in a specific eVoucher code into the shopping cart. The voucher code is usually written or sent to the person who bought the eVoucher for you. The amount redeemable is usually printed on there too. Denominations come in: £25, £50, £75, £100, £125, £150, £175, £200.

All you have to do is browse our online shop and place items in your cart.

Roll your cursor over a section on the top navigation bar. A sub menu should drop and show you the contents of that section. You can also search for items using the search bar.

Shop around, add items in your cart and click 'Checkout'

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Add the voucher code to get discount.

If you have a gift voucher or discount code, you can enter it here: (See 1 in diagram on left). This will calculate any discount for you. If you want to continue shopping click (See 2 in diagram on left) or go straight to checkout/payment (See 3 in diagram on left)

Progress to payment and receive your discounted items.

Follow the steps of the shopping cart. If you need to pay anything, you will be asked to pay the difference. The eVoucher amount should come off your amount. Unfortunately, we cannot exchange the change for cash.

We will then deliver your item(s) to you.

If there are any problems, please feel free to call us on +44 (0)1209 313579

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Please note: The voucher is for specific amounts. Once purchased, they can only used with handykam products on the website and cannot be redeemed for cash. The voucher will be valid on for 1 month from purchase and can be only used once and cannot be re-issued for security reasons. When purchasing, if the item value is more than the voucher, the recipient will be asked to pay the difference. If the value of the item is worth less than the voucher, the recipient is encouraged to purchase other items to make up the difference as no change will be given.


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