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Birds, like all living creatures can  make a mess in a bird box. They often bring all kinds of vegetation and hair into the box for the soul aim to keep their brood as safe and warm as possible. However, during any breeding season a nest box can attract all manner of creatures and parasites. These can then fester on dead or decaying material. This can then pose a threat to any new nesting bird. This is why many birds do tend to strip out any nesting material prior to the new season.

Your box cleaning window period
Between August and January is the only legal time to clean out your boxes. (Wildlife and countryside act 1981) Sometimes birds can have multiple broods, using and re-using nesting material so therefore, you will have to be careful not to disturb the birds.

The big clean up
Keep an eye on the box for a couple of days, prior to examining the box.  A good idea is to pop on some gloves and then gently lift the box down from its position. Open the nest box and gently and take any cameras out. Then start taking the material out. A good idea is to scoop all the contents out together, including un-hatched eggs and pop it into plastic bag. Once the box is empty, tie the bag closed tightly by its handles. Please dispose of this safely away from children and animals.

Hot water saves the day
Use some boiling water and brush and scrub the inside of the box out. Give it a good clean. Try not to use any chemicals or detergent. Once the box is clean, just leave to dry out thoroughly. This is a good time to have a good look around the box and perform any routine maintenance. A good box should last you and your birds for many years. When dry, pop the camera back and re-site your box.
With a clean box, your birds will be more inclined to nest again the following season as well as lead to a more healthier brood.

We hope these are helpful tips. If you have any more helpful tips, please let us know and we will help all. Handykam create specialist hand-made camera bird boxes for all types of birds.

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