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Streaming your IP converter (9100a) images to your website - Easy technique with one camera.

Sometimes you may want to be able to add your own IP streamed image to your website without pointing viewers to your IP admin panel. Or you just want to glue in your own streaming footage to your website. Here is how.

How to edit a HTML page and add the code

1) Find the IP number of the camera.
First, you will have to find the IP number assigned to your IP converter on your network. All cameras on the IP converter should have the same IP. Just log into your router and find the IP address or ask your network administrator for this. On a local network, it is usually http://192.168.0.* (Where * is a number usually from 1-9). Please note that this is only within your network. If you want to connect to it via the internet, you will need to get a internet IP address: Go to

2) Choose your page
Choose your page that you would like the image to be on. Save a copy of it to your computer and open it up in your text or HTML editor to change the code.

Ip 9100a embed into web page

3) Set the refresh rate
This is the speed you want the page to update to animate. For this example, we have chosen a refresh rate of two seconds.

Copy and paste the code, from the box below, into the header of the html code. (Anywhere between the <head> </head> tags)

This will create the page to refresh.

4) Add the image to your page
All you need is to add the code for the image to be added to your web page. Just copy and paste the code, from the box below, into the body of the page (Anywhere between the <body></body> tags.

**Remember to edit the IP number to match your IP number otherwise it may not work. You can also edit the dimentions (Pixel size - width="320" height="240" ) to make the image larger or smaller to fit your design.

5) Upload your webpage
First, use FTP software to backup your old page before copying new one. Use your FTP software to upload your page to your website. If you don't have one, there is a FREE software you can try called FileZilla.


Notes: Selecting the right camera

If you have more than one camera and you want to show the right one. All you do is select the camera in your IP configuration control panel. It is on the bottom left of the control panel. Select 'Splits' '1'.
Select 'Fixed' in mode rather than 'Round Robin'.

Tick the camera source box.


IP 9100A settings

Notes: More than one camera
If you want to show more than one camera on your, you best bet is to use a specialist software to do this. Please contact us for this.

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