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Advice Computer devices Connecting USB device to cable

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Connecting USB device to camera cable PDF Print
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Connecting USB to camera cable
Diagram for connecting a USB upto your cable

In order to connect your camera cable upto your PC, you will need to connect it correctly to your USB capture device. This is what you should have:

Cable end
Yellow connector (Male plug for video)
White connector (Male plug for audio)
Red connector (Female scoket for power)

USB end
Yellow connector (Female socket for video)
White connector (Female socket for audio)
Red connector (Female socket for audio)
Black connector (Female socket for svideo)

All you do is connect the yellow (cable) to yellow (USB) and the white (cable) to the white (USB). Ignore the red and the black connectors on the USB. Connect the red connector on the cable to your power supply. The camera still needs power as it does not draw the power from the USB.

USB capture devices are a great way to document your camera and recordings. All you have to do is connect it up and you can begin recording. We supply a full editing suite to allow capture, edit and export your creations.

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