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Fitting windows to nest box PDF Print E-mail
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Adding windows to your box
Adding windows to your box to allow colour

Add a little light
In order for colour cameras to work, they will need light. Artificial lights can effect daily patterns. Adding windows to your nest box is a good way to do this without disturbing the birds. The light into your box, helps the sensor on your handykam camera detect daylight and turn the infra-red lights off. Without windows the box will be permanently in darkness and the camera will always see in black and white. Don't worry, natural light does not harm or deter birds from using your box.

All handykam boxes are fitted with windows for camera to see in colour. However, we do sell windows and hole cutting kits to allow you to add windows to your box. Just make sure that your box is large enough to take the camera and windows. Also, make sure the box has got some ventilation to allow circulation around the box. If the box is small, you may need to site it in the shade so it does not get to hot on bright days. Always, think of your birds.

Drill away
All you have to do is take down your box. Drill a 50mm hole in either one or both sides of your box. A good rule of thumb is to drill about 6-8 inches from the base of the box. This will allow for the nest height.

Handykam windows are unique as they allow light to enter the box, but are refracted and clouded, so that anything flying past the box will not disturb the occupants.

Once you have cut a hole into the box, clean out all the saw dust and trim any splinters for a clean edge. Measure up the window to the hole to make sure all is fine.

cutting holes
Drill with 50mm drill bit

Glueing windows in
Glue and fit easily

Glue and fit
1) Take your window and use a strong all purpose adhesive or super glue and run the glue around the inner rim of the window. Leave to dry for a few seconds. 2) Then, offer up the window to the hole and gently push fit the window into the hole. 3) Clean any excess glue with your finger. Make sure that there are no gaps and that window is securely in. Try one window at a time and test your camera. You may only need one window.

Once you have fitted your window(s), keep an eye on the box to see if your birds are comfortable. You can always regulate the amount of light by placing covers over the windows. Having windows is a great way to see in colour. They are easy to fit and enjoy.

If you want your bird box camera to see in colour, you can either fit bird box windows or buy one of our camera nest boxes. Don't forget your nest box camera too.

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