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In order to get the best out of the website, we have created a guide to help you through. Just follow the steps and click away. If there is anything we have missed, please let us know as we try to build a good online experience. Have fun. Any problems, please feel free to call us.

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Advanced search
Purchasing procedure
Purchasing procedure: Click product
Purchasing procedure: More information
Purchasing procedure: Order options
Purchasing procedure: Cart: Cart contents
Purchasing procedure: Cart: Cart total
Purchasing procedure: Gift voucher
Purchasing procedure: Checkout
Purchasing procedure: Registration
Purchasing procedure: Shipping address
Purchasing procedure: Shipping methods
Purchasing procedure: Payment method
Purchasing procedure: Delivery information

Purchasing procedure: Confirm order
Purchasing procedure: Payment

Handykam homepage
Various navigation methods on the website

In order to find content on our website, please click a section on the navigation bar at the to or left. If you know what you are looking for, please use the search engine provided in the top right hand corner.

If you are having trouble viewing the page, please use an Internet Explorer from Microsoft. It should be standard on your PC.

Navigation: Drop down menu
Roll your cursor over a section on the top navigation bar. A sub menu should drop and show you the contents of that section.

In this example, we have chosen 'Shop'. The menu should drop down showing the different types of products.

Handykam down menu
Roll over menu, sub drop down menu appears

Handykam mmenu select
Rollover sub section and click

Navigation: Drop down menu: Select
When you roll over each sub section, the menu content should change colour. When you want to look at a sub section, just click one.

Navigation: Sub section on left
When you click a section at the top, you will be taken to that section. On the left hand side, the menu should show the sub-sections.

For example click 'Shop'. In that section, there are a number of sub sections. Just click one, from the list, to continue. Each time you click, the content will appear in the main window.

Handykam left menu
Subsections appear on left menu

Handykam search
Use the search bar at the top right of the website

Sometimes, if you know what you are looking for, it may be quicker or easier to search our website with the search engine in the top left hand corner.

All you do is place your cursor in the box provided, type the keywords you are looking for and click 'Find'.

The search result content should appear in the main window below.

Search: Results
When you have clicked 'Find', the results of the search should appear in the main widow below the main navigation bar.

Read through the list and click the content that is relative to your search. Normally, the search only shows the titles. You can alter the amount of results by clicking 'Display' drop down menu on the right. This allows you to see more or less of the results.

At the bottom, you can click through and view the search result pages by clicking 'Next' or 'Prev' easily. Click the individual page numbers for specific pages.

Handykam search results
Using results page

Handykam advanced search
Using advanced search

Advanced search
We also have an advanced search feature that allows you to have a more complex search.

Click the 'Search' section on the to navigation bar at the top.

Just type in a keyword or phrase in the search box (1). Select if you want to search for 'All words, any words, Exact phrase'. (2) Select from the drop down menu, how the articles will appear. (3) Also, you can select specific sections too by ticking each box (4). Click 'Search' button (5).

Purchasing procedure
Buying from our website is very easy indeed. Use the navigation bar to open up a specific section.

Handykam down menu
Find the item(s) you are after

Buy product click item
Click a particular product for more information

Purchasing procedure: Click product
When the section loads, you may see several products in general. This shows a picture of the product and brief information. Click on a particular product either on the name, picture or 'Product Details' for more information.

Purchasing procedure: More information
When the product loads you will see lots of detailed information. We try and give as much detail as possible as there is nothing worse that not knowing enough information or not being able to make a clear decision.

1) Scroll down the page to read more by sliding the scroll bar.
2) As you will see there is a sub navigation links. This tells you where you are and gives you the option to jump back to a previous section.
3) Click the image or click 'View full-size image'.
4) Select extra options to your order.

Read about products
More information or select option

Buying options
Select specific options and add to cart

Purchasing procedure: Order options
Select extra options for your order, like a longer cable or if you need a computer connection. All you have to do is select from the menus. The amount in brackets will be added to your order.
1) This is the box where you select the options.
2) Select each drop down menu for extra options.
3) Type in the quantity required or use up and down arrows.
4) Click 'Add to Cart' button to add to your shipping cart.

A shopping cart is like a virtual shopping trolley. You can navigate around the website, place items into your cart. This allows you to shop around and collect many items.

Purchasing procedure: Cart: Cart contents
Every time you place an item into your virtual shopping cart, the contents of the cart will be shown

1) This is where the contents of the cart will be shown, showing the name, SKU, Price, Quantity, Update and subtotal. You can either add or delete amounts. The cart will then add up the totals for you.
2) The cart is then repeated on the left hand side. This allows you to navigate the website as well as keep an eye on what is in your cart.
3) Click 'Continue Shopping' if you would like to carry on buying items.
4) Click ' Checkout' to go to the checkout option.

Cart contents
More information or select option

cart total
Change quantity and total changes

Purchasing procedure: Cart: Cart total
When you change the item quantity, the totals will alter too. Also, all the VAT is calculated for you.

Purchasing procedure: Gift voucher
If you have a gift voucher or discount code, you can enter it here: (1). This will calculate any discount for you. If you want to continue shopping click (2) or go straight to checkout/payment (3)

Click checkout
Voucher code and checkout

Change quantity and total changes

Purchasing procedure: Checkout
When you have clicked checkout, the checkout page should appear. If you are a returning customer, just enter your Username or Password. These are given to you on your first order.

If you have not ordered before, click the 'New' option and fill out information below. Don't worry we will not use any information, other than to process your order or contact you about our products. Once filled out, click 'Send registration button'.

Purchasing procedure: Registration
Registration complete should appear. You will then see the steps you have to complete for your order. Scroll down the screen to see shipping address.

registration complete
Registration complete

Shipping address
Change or add address

Purchasing procedure: Shipping address
Normally we post/ship the item to your billing address. You can add or change any existing address by clicking the links. Click 'Next' button to continue.

Purchasing procedure: Shipping methods
Depending on the weight of your items, there may be a variety of shipping methods. Depending on the service you require and price you would like to pay, please select a 'Shipping method' and click 'Next' button. This will be added to your order total.

Shipping methods
Registration complete

Payment method
Select payment method.

Purchasing procedure: Payment method
We usually have a couple of payment methods available. Most people opt for the safe credit card option. There is an option to select others like Paypal if you have a PayPal account. All are safe and secure. We accept a number of cards, see at the bottom of the page for a list of them.

Purchasing procedure: Delivery information
A good idea is to leave some delivery information so we can instruct the delivery man to either leave with neighbour or place it somewhere safe. This option is at your own risk. Click 'Confirm Order' button.

Extra information
Add delivery information

Place order
Click proceed to payment

Purchasing procedure: Confirm order
You are nearly there. Just confirm your order and click 'Proceed to payment page' button. This will then take you to a secure area for your card details.If you have chosen another payment method (ie Paypal) in the previous step, you will be taken to the Paypal website where you can either login or register to pay. Don't worry you don't have to register if you don't have an account.

Purchasing procedure: Payment
Finally, you are nearly there. This area is very safe and secured by encryption. This means you finish your order safely by giving your credit card information. Don't worry, this is handled by a reputable payment provider and our bank. We do not have access to all of this information.

Just fill in your credit card information and push 'Complete order' button to finish. You should get a final confirmation and an e-mail of your order. Your order status will be 'Pending'. This will change when the item goes out to you. We will inform you of the status change.

If a payment doesn't clear or you have problem with your internet connection, don't worry we have got a record of what you ordered and just give us a call on +44 (0)1209 313579 and we will place your payment manually for you.

Thank you for your order and hope you return soon.

Final payment
Fill in payment details.