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Video camera and video editing software manuals PDF Print E-mail
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Sometimes you may have installed your video capture device and cannot find the disk to read the manuals. Or it may be easier than digging out the old disk. Well, no problem, we have have a few links here. If you are unsure how to use certain video capture and editing feature, simply back up all your video files, choose a small video file to play around with and experiment with the settings.

  • VideoStudio 3.5 manual (PDF 4.2Mb) - click here
  • VideoStudio 4 manual (PDF 4.2Mb) - click here
  • Arcsoft showbiz 2.1 manual (PDF - 2.5Mb) - click here
  • Arcsoft showbiz total media 3.5 manual (PDF - 2.2Mb) - click here

About the USB software
The USB capture device comes with specialist video capture or video grabbing software. This allows you to record and edit bird box footage, wildlife footage, inspection camera footage and more. The software has become very easy to use and within minutes you will be editing like a pro. The software allows you to add special effects, sounds and titles, giving you that professional feel. The software also allow you to edit and export the footage to DVD, web or CD.

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