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Shop Special offers Bushnell Trophy Cam HD wireless 2G 119598 with extras

SPECIAL OFFER extended - HD trail camera - Perfect gift only £95!


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Bushnell Trophy Cam HD wireless 2G 119598 with extras
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Bushnell Trophy Cam HD wireless 2G 119598 with extras

Code: HK101140

You Save: £90.05

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Imagine getting a picture text message on your mobile from a remote camera showing you a roe deer walking by?

Or imagine placing a trail camera on your property and it texting you if there is any intrusion? Well, now you can.

Here at we look a hundreds of cameras per year and this wireless trail camera is one of the best ones around. The great thing is that you are getting a cracking trail camera with built in colour screen as well as the ability to give you updates. You can even text the camera to turn features on and off remotely! Wow!

All you do is:

  1. Setup your SIM card to talk to your network (36 countries supported with major mobile networks) – Use online wizard that creates a settings file
  2. Place the SIM card and SD card into your camera
  3. Pop the batteries in and set the camera settings
  4. Place the camera outdoors
  5. Depending on the settings, the trail camera will either send a still image to your text inbox, or e-mail or both.
  6. You can then go and retrieve the higher resolution stored on the camera at a later stage.

Key features

  • Remote digital camera
  • Triggered by motion and records photo/video automatically
  • Camera records day/night and with audio – Full HD + audio
  • Time and date stamp option
  • Colour screen – Ideal for positioning or replaying footage
  • Option to transmit photo to your mobile or e-mail or just take photos/video. Camera saves high resolution version on internal SD card
  • Wireless transmission does not require a subscription. All that is needed is a SIM card with credit.
  • Camera runs on 12 x AA batteries. With wireless on, camera will run for upto 2 months or if wireless is off, the camera will run for upto 1 year.
  • Timelapse or fieldscan mode
  • Text camera to change settings

What you get - FREE extras worth over £20 only at

  • 1 x wireless HD trail camera
  • 1 x strap and buckle
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x 8MP class 10 SD card - special only
  • 1 x SD card reader - special only
  • 12 x AA batteries - special only

You will not get a better transmitting trail camera. Here at, we can supply you with a cracking camera with lots of FREE extras worth £20.


  • Model = 119598
  • Image Resolution = True 3MP sensor with 5 MP and 8 MP interpolation
  • Flash = 33 No-Glow Black LEDs
  • Flash Range (ft. / m)  60 ft. / 18m
  • Maximum Pixel Size 3264x2448 (8MP)
  • Lens F = 3.1; FOV=40°;
  • Auto IR-Cut = Remove (at night)
  • IR-Flash Range = Selectable (Low/Med/High), up to 60’(19m) on High
  • Display Screen = Color Display (2.4”)
  • Memory Card = SD or SDHC Card, Maximum capacity 32GB, Class 6 or higher  for 1920x1080 or 1280x720
  • HD video Picture Size 8MP = 3264x2448; 5MP = 2592x1944; 3MP = 1920x1440 Video Size 1920x1080, 1280x720, 848x480 pixels per frame at 20-30 fps (Day) / 15-20 fps (Night)
  • PIR sensitivity = Hyper PIR with 4 sensitivity settings: Low/Normal/High/ Auto
  • User selectable: 24 Hour, Day only, or Night only (based on ambient light level)
  • Response Time 0.6 second Triggering Interval 1 sec. - 60 min.
  • Programmable Shooting Numbers 1— 3  programmable Video Length 5-60sec. programmable
  • 12x AA batteries recommended, 4xAA as emergency power Stand-by Current < 0.25mA (<7mAh/day) Power Consumption 250mA (+1300mA when all LEDs fire) Night Vision
  • Shutter Speed User selectable (High/Med/Low)-affects night (NV) photos/videos only
  • Interface USB; SD card slot;  DC external (> 8V)
  • Operating Temperature -20 - 50° C (Storage temperature: -30 - 70° C) Operating Humidity 5% - 90%
  • Pre-set Countries and Operators = For most European countries, you can also use on-line setting
  • 6-language Menu  = English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian
  • Exposure  = Auto
  • White Balance = Auto 
  • Battery Type = AA (4-12) - Lithium recommended
  • Battery Life  = Up to 2 months in WAKE mode (switch to ECO mode for 50% more)
  • Up to 1 year when the wireless is deactivated (OFF) 
  • Video Resolution = Full-HD 1920 x 1080p
  • Audio Record  = Yes
  • Field Scan 2x  = Yes
  • Date/Time Stamp = Yes (automatic time update in Wireless Mode)
  • Name/Temp/Moon/GPS stamp: Yes
  • External Power Supply: Yes, with Solar Panel 119656C only
  • Security Case: Yes, compatible with 119659 only - coming soon.





If you purchase this today, you will receive handy tips guide FREE along with your instructions.

We have compiled a list of top tips from 1000's of customers which will help you in every aspect of using the product.

The tips are written and edited by experts and ideal way of getting the best out of your purchase.

Exclusive to those who buy this product only.

How easy is the camera to use?
Very easy, the settings are very straight forward and you will learn very easily.

Can I use the camera without wireless?
Yes you can turn this feature off.

How does the wireless work?
When something triggers the camera, the camera will wake up the SIM card, engage with the network and send an image either by MMS or as enclosure to an e-mail? This is a low resolution. A higher resolution is saved onto the SD card.

Does it use WIFI?
No it uses the G2 mobile signal rather than your WIFI. You will need a SIM card for this. Please choose this option and we will do this for you.

What networks does it support?
All the major ones. In the UK - BT, o2 (Tesco), Orange (EE), T-mobile, Vodafone

What network do I choose?
If you have a mobile phone, try testing the reception in the area you are going to use the camera. If it is good then choose that network.

How much does it cost?
It all depends on the network, but it can cost a fraction of pence if on SMTP setting or anything upto 50p on more expensive networks. Just make sure you network can transmit data ie surf web as this will allow you to get the cheaper rate.

Does the wireless use more batteries?
Bushnell have optimised the camera and it uses less power. Bushnell claim that the camera can run upto 2 months on a wireless mode. It all depends on the usage but it may be less than this.

Can the camera send video?
No, the camera unfortunetly it just sends a low resolution still image at the moment. It stores a high resolution version on the SD card.

Can the camera stream LIVE video?
No, it just sends you a still image, the actual footage is saved to your camera SD card.

How easy is it to setup?
It is quite easy, however we can offer a full service to set this up for you (UK only). All you have to do is give us your phone and e-mail details. We will get it all working for you and fully test it. Please select from the drop down options.

This is at cracking price with all the FREE extraas too worth over £20.


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