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Top view and review:
Wildlife Kate

Review date: 29/06/2011
Link: Wildlife Kate
Wildlife kate website
Opening page - © Wildlife Kate

Filming wildlife can be and should be a lifelong pleasure. There are so many wonderful animals and creatures you can explore from your very own garden. Once you hang up a your very first camera bird box or plug in your outdoor wildlife camera you will be amazed what you can see. But, be warned, it can be very addictive.

One of the best examples of a wildlife passion, producing spectacular results is on Kate Macrae's website Kate's love of wildlife combined with a keen photographic eye is beautifully presented with rolling wildlife stories, ever calling you back for more and more and more....

Her website is jam packed full of wildlife 'stories' from various nest box cameras, wildlife cameras around here Staffordshire garden.

Featured section
All the section of her website are worth a look. Check out: Nest box cameras, feeder cameras, wildlife cameras, trail cameras as well documented explorations into fauna a flora.

And finally
Kate has used and featured several of our handykam products like the pine nest box, 540 line cameras, Meerkam and a lot more. All with great results. Her website is a must for all budding wildlife filmers, impartial help and advice as well as spearheading cutting edge wildlife education programme.

Go for it, have a look as this is a must bookmark. Don't forget to get the latest information on her blog, live streaming footage and on twitter.

More information
Wildlife kate - The blog website
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Kate on twitter - Follow her LIVE wildlife adventures.
Wildlife kate's blog - Latest information
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Kate talking about wildlife education

Wonderful footage from kestrel cam

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