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Shop NEW products Trailpower 6v - Bushnell, ltl acorn mains power cable kit


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Trailpower 6v - Bushnell, ltl acorn mains power cable kit
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Trailpower 6v - Bushnell, ltl acorn mains power cable kit

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After popular demand we have brought out a universal power system for Bushnell trail cameras and Ltl acorn cameras. This product is called the trailpower 6V.

How it works
All you do is plug the power supply into the mains, plug the other end into the trail camera, turn on and go. The neat thing is that you can turn the camera on and off from comfort of your own home. No more changing batteries and wasting lots of money. The kit comes with everything you need to plug into you trail camera.

Unique technology
Most trail cameras run off 6v and this can be very problematic at a distance as the voltage drops and certain cameras need more power than others. With a handykam trailpower system all you do is plug in the power supply, plug in the trail camera and away you go.

What is included

    1 x bespoke 20m power cable
    1 x specially fitted electronics and connectors
    1 x 12v power supply
    1 x waterproof tape (for joints)

Grab yours today. We have already pre-orders and making and sending as many as we can. Order today and start saving money.

Why get this kit?
Why wouldn’t you. A lot of the HD trail camera use upto 14 batteries. If you are an avid wildlife watcher, most batteries can last a few months. This can equate £12+ for high quality batteries.

Why have I not see this before?
Trail cameras can be difficult to power from the mains as they all use slightly different amounts of power. When they are powered over distance you can get mixed results. However with the trailpower kit you have power all the time.

Is it waterproof?
Yes the cable and technology is waterproof. Just make sure that you use the tape to waterproof the joint into the camera to stop any ingress especially on bad weather days.

Is it safe?
Yes, it is very safe as it is based on low DC voltages.

How much power does it use?
It is designed to only use the power needed to power your camera. Most cameras only draw around 600mA per day and 1300mA per night. This will easily cover this.

What models does this work with?
This works will most Bushnell models, Ltl acorns that have the DC input.

Trailpower is compatible with the following Bushnell trail cameras:
119598 8mp Trophy cam hd wireless, brown
119736 12mp Trophy cam essential hd, brown low glow
119739 12mp Natureview cam essential hd, green, low glow
119740 14mp Natureview cam hd with live view, green, no glow
119519 6mp Wifi surveillance cam, grey case, no-glow
Older cameras may work if they have the 6vDC socket

Different models - click here
These models use a different connector to the camera.
119776 14mp Trophy cam aggressor hd, brown black led
119777 14mp Trophy cam aggressor hd, realtree xtra black led
119774 14mp trophy cam aggressor hd, brown low glow
119775 14mp Trophy cam aggressor hd, realtree xtra low glow

Trailpower is compatible with the following Ltl acorn trail cameras:
5210A 12MP trail camera
5210MGX 12MP trail camera
5310A 12MP trail camera
5310MGX 12MP trail camera
5310WA 12MP trail camera
5310WMGX 12MP trail camera
5510 12MP trail camera
5511WMC 12MP trail camera
5610A 12MP trail camera
6210MC 12MP trail camera
6210MGX 12MP trail camera
6310MC 12MP trail camera
6310WMC 12MP trail camera
6310MGX 12MP trail camera
6310WMGX 12MP trail camera
6510 12MP trail camera
Older cameras may work if they have the 6vDC socket


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