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Delux tree bracket
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Delux tree bracket

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Trail camera bracket

A deluxe trail camera bracket is a perfect way of positioning your trail camera. Ideal for all trail cameras and very easy to use and install.

Get the perfect angle
Sometimes you can be out on location with your trail camera and you may trouble getting the best position, at the correct height. However, with a deluxe tree bracket, you can position the camera at the right height and position very quickly.


How it works
First, choose a tree near a trail you want to a trail you want to record. The bracket is a U shape piece of tubular metal with a sharp screw on one end and gimbal ball and socket with bolt/thread on the other. All you do is take your bracket and with the sharp threaded end, screw it into a tree by turning 360 degrees. The bracket should slowly advance into the tree and be very secure.

Gently twist the thread on the bottom of the trail camera on to the threaded bolt. Use the knurled wheel to tighten. Loosen the little handle on the collar and tilt or turn the trail camera to desired angle/position. Tighten the handle again. You can use the lockable boxes with this bracket.

This is a perfect device for quick positioning your trail camera with no fuss. A perfect addition to your trail camera experience.

Don't forget, you can use it to screw into fence posts, stakes, walls and other fixtures.

Trail camera tree bracket
Example of how the trail camera bracket is used.


More detailed information

This bracket is compatible with:
All Bushnell trail cameras: 119435, 119445, 119455, 119456, 119466, 119436, 119467, 119446
All Prostalk Hawk trail cameras: PC2000, PC5000, PC5500, PC8000

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