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Various wildlife camera systems - Please click a product to read more.

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Owl, hawk and wildlife 420 line colour camera kit

You Save: £10.00 (VAT included)

Product Code: HK100145

Owl, hawk and wildlife camera kit with colour 420 line CMOS camera. Product Details...

Colour 420 line CCD high resolution camera kit with 20m of cable

You Save: £10.00 (VAT included)

Product Code: HK100139

Camera kit with colour 420 line CCD camera and 20m of cable. Product Details...

Bird feeder and 420 high resolution colour CCD camera

£69.95 (VAT included)

Product Code: HK100091

Bird feeder and high resolution CCD camera system Product Details...

Cedar bird box, 380 line resolution black & white camera system

£74.95 (VAT included)

Product Code: HK100059

Cedar nest box with 380 line black & white standard resolution camera Product Details...

Pine bird box, 420 line resolution colour camera system

£78.95 (VAT included)

Product Code: HK100049

Pine bird box, 420 line high resolution colour camera system Product Details...


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