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Pine bird box, 420 line resolution colour camera system
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Pine bird box, 420 line resolution colour camera system

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Watch the fascinating world of birds

This high quality, inexpensive, hand built nest box camera kit will allow you to watch birds nesting secretly inside a bird box in your garden. Watch them on your TV.


...watching live CCTV of blue tits, great tits, robins and other familiar garden birds as they nest, lay eggs and raise a little family, unaware of the nesting cam inside their home. The perfect gift for birdwatchers, nature lovers and naturalists at a genuine bargain price. Wonderful present for older parents, and a great Christmas present, too.
  • Many happy customers
  • Hours of enjoyment
  • Amazing close-ups
  • Simply plug in and play
  • Ideal gift for all family
  • Handmade in Cornwall
  • Watch, learn and enjoy

Full plug in and play kit features

The hand crafted, unique designed bird box
  • Fully assembled, strong 19mm FSC Pine nest box
  • Well made and unique design to stay dry and warm with ventilation too
  • Full recommended nest box size (Specifications by BTO, RSPB etc)
  • Bird friendly untreated inside, hand finished, non toxic teak oil treated outside
  • High performance mineral felted roof with 20 years life expectancy
  • Bitumen coated back for extra protection against the elements
  • 2 x Resin windows for better light and colour
  • Well built with 14 x 24mm Stainless steel screws
  • Hinged roof for quick access and NEW improved robust latch
  • Internally concealed ceiling for ease of installatio
High quality high resolution camera, bird box nest box with full kit
CCD bird box camera
Amazing high quality, high resolution CCD colour camera

High quality, high resolution colour CCD nest box camera and IR

  • The high quality colour camera
  • Easy to fit and a unplug
  • Place in several locations in box
  • See colour in day
  • Engineered adjustable tilting camera bracket
  • High quality phono connectors
  • Manual focus, allowing you to refocus and lock with screw
  • See black and white/ infra red at night without disturbing birds.
  • Power supply (UK mains adaptor)
  • Splash proof metal housing
  • Developed and adapted specifically for nest box use
  • Tested and pre-focused for nest box use.
  • Can be used with our feeder

Camera Specifications

The cameras are designed and modified for bird box use. There are many features.Here is some good technical info if you want to know more.

  • PAL (works with UK TVs, VCR's and DVD recorders)
  • 420 line high quality CCD chip
  • 1/3" sensor (CCD) with 69? angle
  • 10 infrared switching or controlled LED's (built in)
  • Microphone, sensitive (mono, built in)
  • Changeable lens with lens cap
  • Gamma and white balance correction
  • Electronic shutter for fast filming
  • Composite video output (works with UK TVs, VCR's and DVD recorders)
Camera specifications

CCD focus chart
Camera specifications Distance chart

Camera viewing distance

The cameras are designed for nest box/ bird box use, focusing from 5cm to infinity, allowing you to it for many applications. The diagram to the right gives you a guide to approximately how much of your nest box will be in view when you fix your camera at different distances. For example if you fit the camera 30cm above the floor of the box you would get an approximate area of 27 cm by 20 cm in view. You will be able to focus the lens by undoing a little grub screw under the lens and turning the lens (Black part) anti clockwise..

Having the correct IR levels are also important. This camera is ideally suited for handykam nest boxes and there is the correct balance between natural light during the day and correct focal distance between camera and base.

The camera and bird box have been in development for over 2 years and will help you get the most of viewing and enjoying your vi sting birds.

Our CCD and CMOS cameras are specifically modified for nest box use. Either camera is excellent for nest boxes. Still not sure which one to get please read our guide or call us?


Other electronics and cables
  • 20m shielded black CCTV cable included for optimum quality - 10m, 20m, 50m extension kit available. Please select below or above when ordering
  • Connect to your TV in 2 ways: Either by SCART socket or directly with the AV cable. The kit includes both ways
  • Low profile, 12V power supply for 3-pin UK mains wall socket
cables scart and power supply
Other electrical items included

CCD camera kit
Everything is included for many installation options

The kit also includes

For a painless installation, we have included everything you need to get up and running quickly and easily. Our kit is the most comprehensive available, allowing you to position your box virtually anywhere.

  • Stainless hole kit for 3 different sized entry holes
  • Screws, drill and plugs for hanging up
  • 3 nail-on hole adaptors with brass pins, for 25mm, 28mm and 32mm hole
  • Use 25mm hole for blue, coal and marsh tit
  • Use 28mm hole for great tit and tree sparrow
  • Use 32mm hole for nuthatch and house sparrow
  • Aluminium nails for nailing nest box to tree or post
  • Galvanized wire and protectors for wiring to tree (instead of nailing)
  • Masonry drill bit, plugs and SS screws for fixing nest box to brick wall
  • 400mm long masonry drill bit for cable through house wall
  • Cane draw wire to pull cable through wall
  • Foam plugs to seal cable hole in your house wall if needed
  • Cable clips to fix cable to nest box, walls, etc
  • All parts separately bagged, labelled and numbered
Inside nest box
View of bird box showing camera position. 2 options for viewing.
(Please note, this is not a real nest or eggs demonstrated with a CMOS camera )
Pine wood
Heavy, 19mm sustainable exterior FSC sourced pine

High quality pine

  • FSC sustanably sourced pine
  • 19mm thickness
  • Hand painted rustic green box

Also included

  • FREE cedar shavings for nesting
  • Full easy, illustrated instructions with details
  • Packed neatly in recycled packaging


Two frosted resin windows. After extensive research and development, we have included two windows on either side of the nestbox.They are designed to let enough natural light for the camera to film in colour without disturbing the birds.

If there are no windows, the nestbox would be dark and therefore only allowing black and white/Infra-red pictures.

Pine windows
NEW improved design - Now with windows.
Holes in bottom for ventalation

How wired camera works
How wireless camera bird box works

How does it work?

The wired system is very easy to use and install. The kit comes with everything you will need including instructions. All you have to do is:

  • Test everything before installation
  • Install the bird box 20m (66ft away). Extensions can be bought.
  • Connect cable to camera
  • Run cable through hole in wall/duct to TV etc
  • Connect other end to TV and power supply
  • You are now ready to enjoy your birds

Please note - remember the power to the camera
The wireless camera still needs power operate. It does come with a square 9v battery, but this only last 8 hrs. The best solution is to go 'semi-wireless', where you should mount the box near a power point like a garden or garage shed wall and connect the camera to the power point. The video and audio signal is then sent wirelessly to the receiver. See diagram below.

Never too late for a nestbox
Never to late for a nestbox kit

Put your nestbox up any time

Different birds nest at different times, often having multiple clutches throughout the season.

They also use nest boxes to hide in, shelter and roost in. Some take a while to get used to a new home.

It's never too late or the “wrong time” to put up a nestbox.

2008 footage...

Here is actual footage from one of our nestboxes situated above our workshop. A pair of Blue tits moved in, laid five eggs. We managed to see it all.

This footage was taken from our standard camera in one of our cedar boxes. The camera is able to capture the night and day footage of the birds.

With technology, we can now enjoy the hidden delights of nest building, egg laying, feeding, growing, communicating, fledging and so much more.

Once you start watching, it will become addictive and probably better than watch normal TV.

Please note that the footage has been compressed for the web. Actual footage will be bigger, slightly smoother with better sound.



Following the success of Springwatch this year and and to say a big thank you to our customers, we thought we would add a FREE upgrade to our existing offer.

We have upgraded the plastic hole sizers/protectors to three designer brushed stainless steel versions. These quality made items will help you select what type of bird you would like in the box as well as protect the box from predators like woodpeckers, squirrels etc.

Fit one one of hole sizers with the anti rust brass panel pins provided. Your birds will now be safe and secure in their new home.

Ideal item for birds, everyone...including yourself

Perfect for all bird watchers, professional to the non professional. The nest box camera kit makes an Ideal present, buy one today for all your friends and family or even yourself.

Ideal for most birds including:

  • Blue Tits
  • Coal Tits
  • Great Tits
  • Marsh Tits
  • Robins
  • House Sparrows
  • Nuthatch
  • etc...





If you purchase this today, you will receive handy tips guide FREE along with your instructions.

We have compiled a list of top tips from 1000's of customers which will help you in every aspect of using the product.

The tips are written and edited by experts and ideal way of getting the best out of your purchase.

Exclusive to those who buy this product only.

100% Peace of mind reasons for buying a complete Handykam
The full kit includes for :
100% high quality, low cost product for maximum enjoyment
Complete kit with no other items required (Outlined above)

Well made, hand built boxes direct from Cornwall

FSC, LOW carbon, FC, CE certificated
Designed by bird experts, complying to the highest standards
Specifically designed optics and modified electronics
Modular system for easy upgrade or use with other products
Full instructions, easy to install and use
Enjoy 24 hours a day seven days per week viewing
Total value for money
The full service includes:
100% peace of mind service
Full 12 months parts guarantee
Money back guarantee

100% customer focused company

Legal UK Limited company with over 10 year trading history
Many years experience in woodwork and electronics
Years in development and refinement
Fast delivery by reputable couriers
Welcome all feedback and ideas
Helpful, friendly service and advice
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