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Wireless plus - wired to wireless conversion kit
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Wireless plus - wired to wireless conversion kit

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Convert any wired camera to wireless plus - NEW

Latest, high quality wireless camera kit will allow you to convert virtually any wired camera in a wireless plus easily and quickly.

Converting from wired cameras to wireless (or semi-wireless) has never been easier. There are so many benefits:

  • Easy to use, plug in and play technology
  • Flexibilty for most setups
  • Extendable with signal boosting
  • Compact with improved technology
  • Complete system including instructions
  • Great price and value
  • Converting from wired to wireless is very easy
  • Compatible with most AV cameras
  • Perfect for sending AV across property
  • Extend transmition and reception range
  • 1 - 4 channels with semi-wireless options
  • Ideal for wildlife and sureviellence use

The full plug in and play kit includes

Wireless camera kit
All this included for many options

The kit includes

  • 4 channel transmitter with selectable switch
  • 4 camera receiver with push button selector Each camera on seperate channels Ie Channel 1,2,3,4
  • 1 x power 12v power supply
  • Short AV cable to connect to TV
  • FREE 10m DC cable to connect to the nearest power supply. (The most popular 'semi-wireless' option - not in photo)

How wireless works
How wireless transmitter works

How does it work?

The wireless system is very easy to use and install. The kit comes with everything you will need including instructions. All you have to do is:

  • Test everything before installation
  • Connect the receiver to the power plug and the TV.
  • Install the bird box 0 - 100m away from TV.
  • Connect the camera to the nearest power supply. We do sell DC cable extensions with various lengths - see below.
  • Flick your transmitter to channel 1 using the sliding switch on the front
  • Turn on the receiver and select channel 1 on the by pressing the button.
  • Turn on the TV to your AV channel (No tuning needed)
  • You are now ready to enjoy your cameras

Please note - Power
The wireless camera still needs power operate. All wireless plus systems come with power supplies and a 10m DC cable. This allows you to go 'semi-wireless', where you could mount the box near a power point like a garden or garage shed wall and connect the camera to the power point via the 10m DC cable.The video and audio signal is then sent wirelessly to the receiver 24/7. See diagram below.

Wired or wireless

There are many factors that determine whether you should go for a wired or wireless solution. Both are very similar camera systems, but with a few exceptions. Here are the pros and cons of wired or wireless:

Pros for wireless

  • Slightly easier to install than wired version
  • Better and more flexible than standard wireless
  • Camera can be switched to any 4 channels avoiding any potential interference.
  • *** FREE Comes with short 10m DC cable to make semi wireless and power camera 24/7
  • Wireless transmitter can be moved away from the camera an nearer the receiver for better reception quality.
  • Receiver can take upto 4 seperate cameras. The receiver acts as a switcher

Minuses for wireless as opposed to wired

  • Still need power cable to camera.
  • Dependent on reception. Can be be prone to interference from strong electrical signals or radio signals. However, this is reduced as the transmitter and receiver have four changeable channels that can help avoid interference.
  • Must be 0-100m away or use aerial booster and cable extend reception - see below. With cables and booster aerials, this can be extended a lot further.

Wireless diagram
How wireless and semi-wireless works


Wireless options
Options for extending wireless camera kit

Upgrade options for wireless kit
The basic kit is perfect for most uses. However, if you want to extend the transmittion distance, then it is very easy and flexible to add extra options. The diagrams may look technical, but be rest assured it is virtually plug in and play.

Options for wireless kit: Camera end

  • Extend transmission: Unlike many other wireless systems, this one allows you to extend the cable between the transmitter and camera ie camera in nest box and transmitter in shed.
  • Extend transmission: Add a 9dB booster aerial to boost transmission. The aerial has 3m of cable and you can lift aerial higher up.
  • Extend power: A 10m DC cable comes with your kit allowing you to power your system 24/7.

Options for wireless kit: Receiver end

  • Extend reception: Add a 9dB booster aerial to boost reception.
  • Computer connection: Add a USB device and you can connect the system to a computer.
  • Extend power: A a DC cable to your receiver allowing you to move your receiver further away from the TV/computer.
Most effective and cost effective system

The wireless plus system is by far the most flexible and cost effective form of wireless transmition available. Once you have bought a complete system, all you will need to do is buy additional transmitters for each camera.

A prefect system for young and old only from

Perfect applications:

  • Bird boxes and nest boxes
  • Wildlife cameras
  • Surveillance and security
  • Transmitting TV signal from one rooom to another


100% Peace of mind reasons for buying a complete Handykam
The full kit includes for :
100% high quality, low cost product for maximum enjoyment
Complete kit with no other items required (Outlined above)
FSC, LOW carbon, FC, CE certificated
Designed by bird experts, complying to the highest standards
Specifically designed electronics
Modular system for easy upgrade or use with other products
Full instructions, easy to install and use
Enjoy 24 hours a day seven days per week viewing
Total value for money
The full service includes:
100% peace of mind service
Full 12 months parts guarantee
Money back guarantee

100% customer focused company

Legal UK Limited company with over 10 year trading history
Many years experience in woodwork and electronics
Years in development and refinement
Fast delivery by reputable couriers
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