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Proud corporate supporters of Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Leading UK company
Trusted by experts in 100+ leading worldwide institutions like BBC, UK Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, WWF, Oxford University, London Zoo, Environmental Agency, World Parrot Trust, + many UK schools, Universities and Authorities.

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Special educational and group discounts*

Over the years we have supplied camera equipment to thousands of educational intuitions from nurseries to universities from local groups to international organisations. We are always thrilled to hear that one of our cameras has been key to important research or inspired young minds to get into and help save nature.

To help more institutions use our technology, we are offering special educational discounts. We are unique as we like to:

  • Understand your needs
  • Work to your budget
  • Choose the best technology for your needs
  • Support the projects for the longer term

This way you get 100% piece of mind that you are getting the best and saving money too.

We have supplied

  • 60+ top universities in the world including Oxford University, Cambridge University to name a few
  • 100's schools and nurseries around the Uk and world
  • 100+ Organisations like Wildlife Trusts, National Trust, BTO, RSPB
  • 20+ research institutions like the Max Planck Society etc
  • 20+ local authorities

Very easy to order

All you do is let us know what you would like to film. Don't worry if you don't see everything on the website as we have a lot of useful stuff at our HQ. We then quote what is needed. Once you are happy with what has been quoted, you can either issue the items based on authorised purchase order, card payments, bank transfer, cheque. This way you get 100% piece of mind that you are getting the best and saving money too.

Full support for ease of use

With feel rest assured, we are there for the long term. If you need any help or support. We are here to help and support.

Please contact us - We are happy to give you a special price & FREE advice.



* Discounts are subject to verifying group.  All we ask in return is to mention us your project, papers and link on website etc. This helps us promote to other universities, institutions, schools, etc.