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Returns and returns form

Click here for returns form (PDF)

At we like to give the best service possible. As a registered UK business with many years trading history, we want everyone 100% piece of mind with our products and service.

As part of the service we can take back items that:

  • Issues - That have technical issues with a product
  • Incorrect item – You may have been given the item as a gift and wanted something different to suit your needs
  • Refund - That are double gifts or unwanted gifts
  • Recycling – We uphold the ethos of WEEE directive and recycle everything.

The process

It is rare that we get returns, but if you need to return something back to us, just:

  1. Print out and fill in this form – Click here
  2. Fill it in fully with all your details
  3. Send along with your items in original packaging
  4. We will look at it and contact you or repair/replace items

We suggest that you send it Royal Mail with proof of delivery. If sending from outside the UK, please use your standard mail and get proof of delivery too.

Issue with product(s)
In most cases issues are linked to incorrect setup, please look at instructions and try again as there may be something straight forward that was forgotten.

If a product develops an issue we are happy to look at any of our products at any age. If the item is within guarantee, we will either repair or replace the item(s). Any item outside the warrantee/guarantee, we will contact you with options.

Incorrect item
Sometimes you are given a product that may not be suited. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a product that is more suitable. A common issue is wanting a wireless camera kit instead of wired.

A refund will only be issued if within 30 days of guarantee. We tend to have a no quibble policy. If the date is longer or you are unsure, please feel free to contact us first for clarity. The items must be returned in good condition and with original packaging. Failing to do so, may result in a small fee to cover costs incurred.

Any other issues or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Click here for returns form (PDF)