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HD Outdoor wildlife camera kit – High quality – HK101178w

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Standard cable is 20m, upgrade to 30m and 50m

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The system is a wired system. Upgrade to wireless by selecting below:

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Watch wildlife in full broadcast quality on your phone, tablet or computer. This colour IP camera kit is perfect for popping outside, plugging into your router and viewing on any device.

The camera gives an impressive 4MP quality with rich colours, night vision and the ability to view day or night.


  Plug in and play HD technology
  Watch on phone, tablet, PC
  PC and Mac compatible
  Wired and wireless options

Ideal for

  Watching hedgehogs, badgers, foxes
  Watching birds and birds of prey
  All ages and abilities
  LIVE HD streaming, recording

A feature rich, robust camera

This camera is a next generation camera with crystal vision quality. The camera is jam packed with features. The overriding benefit is its superb video quality. It is rare to get the sharpness and clarity with rich colour and clear night vision. The camera is fairly small and can be placed in the smallest of places.

How does it work

The camera kit is really easy to use. All you do is:

  1. Place the camera in the garden
  2. Run the cable to your router.
  3. Plug the other end of the cable into the power supply (Injector)
  4. Plug the short cable from the power supply to your router.
  5. Once connected to your router you will be able to access on your tablet or your phone (After downloading an app)

How IP cameras connect

If you want to make it wireless, you can either go for the wifi extender or use data over mains (Powerline/homeplug). Select from the options.

Wired, WIFI over mains or WIFI extender

The kit comes with a cable you simply plug into your router. If your router is in another room around the house you may opt for WIFI over mains or WIFI extender. Here is how they work.

Wired option (Default)

The camera is connected to a power supply (POE) and then to your router.

HD IP camera wired setup

WIFI over mains option (Upgrade option above)

The camera connects to a mains adapter in your shed/garage. You then put another adapter next to your router. It simply sends the data along the mains in your house to your router. This is 100% safe as all it is doing is pulsing a data signal along your mains cable. How cool is that?

HD IP camera wifi over mains setup

WIFI option (Upgrade option above)

WIFI extender – We supply you with a mains booster adapter. The camera connects to this and then uses your router WIFI to your house.

HD IP camera wifi setup
Mobile phone access
Mobile phone access
powered by Hikvision
powered by Hikvision in association with handykam.com and WildlifeKate

Recording option with TV connection too (Upgrade option above)

Once the camera is connected you will be able to access it on your phone, tablet. The FREE app allows you to manually record standard resolution video. If you want to be able to record 24/7 at high resolution without needing to be around. ie film barn owls where all the activity is at night, what you need is a recorder or NVR (Network Video Recorder). The recorder has huge benefits:

  Records 24/7 so don’t miss any action
  Highlights when there is motion in front of the camera
  Records up 4 cameras 24/7
  Accessible on your app, to playback, review
  Export high quality footage to share with family and friends
  Connection to your TV

Please select this above and add it to your order above.

Features in general

  • Brand: HIKvision (Worlds top selling CCTV technology)
  • Technology: IP digital camera
  • Sensor: 4MP IP CMOS sensor
  • Day: Colour during the day
  • Night: IR at night seeing up 50m away
  • Focus: The camera is fixed focus with good depth of field
  • Low voltage: 12v with POE
  • Transmission: Wired camera. Sends digital signal along a LAN cable
  • Connection: RJ45 and DC in – WIFI (Check options)
  • Audio: No
  • Lots more – See techy bit below:


  • PC and MAC compatible
  • Compatible with most routers

What is included

  • Camera – a well built 4MP camera, swivel and tilt  (undo case to do this part), extended base, instructions.
  • Cable – 1 x LAN 20m cable 1 x 2m LAN cable
  • Power – POE injector

Perfect camera for watching wildlife


  • Enjoy them LIVE: Feeding, drinking, communicating and lots more
  • Ideal for many locations: In the garden, feeders, feeding station, entrance and exit of a bird  box

Owls & Bird of prey

  • Enjoy them LIVE: Watch all birds feeding, drinking, preening, communicating and lots more
  • Ideal for many locations: Point at feeders, feeding station, entrance and exit of a bird box, platforms, plucking posts


  • Enjoy them LIVE: Watch feeding, drinking playing a lots more
  • Ideal for many locations: In the garden, feeding stations, watering stations, pointed hedgehog boxes and more

Badgers and foxes

  • Enjoy them LIVE: Watch them feeding, drinking playing a lots more
  • Ideal for many locations: In the garden, feeding stations, watering stations, dens and more

Small mammels

  • Enjoy them LIVE: Watch feeding, drinking playing a lots more
  • Ideal for many locations: In the garden, feeding stations, watering stations, pointed at runs and escape routes

More information - Techy stuff, FAQ's and more - click tabs below to view

Camera specifications Image Sensor

  • 1/2.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS

Min. Illumination

  • Color: 0.005 lux @(F1.2, AGC ON), 0 lux with IR

Shutter Speed

  • 1/3 s to 1/100,000 s

Slow Shutter

  • Support


  • 4 mm, horizontal field of view: 78.7° fixed focus with good depth of field

Lens Mount

  • M12


  • F1.6

Day and Night

  • IR cut filter


  • 3D DNR

Wide Dynamic Range

  • 120dB

3-Axis Adjustment (bracket)

  • Pan: 0°to 360°, tilt: 0°to 90°, rotate: 0°to 360°

Compression Standard Video Compression

  • Main stream: H.265/H.264
  • Sub stream: H.265/H.264/MJPEG
  • Third stream: H.265/H.264

H.264 Type

  • Main Profile/High Profile


  • Support

H.265 Type

  • Main Profile


  • Support

Video Bit Rate

  • 32 Kbps to 16 Mbps

Image specifications Max. Resolution

  • 2688 × 1520

Main Stream

  • 50Hz: 25 fps (2688 × 1520, 2304 × 1296, 1920 × 1080)
  • 60Hz: 30 fps (2688 × 1520, 2304 × 1296, 1920 × 1080)

Sub Stream

  • 50Hz: 25 fps (640 × 480, 640 × 360, 320 × 240)
  • 60Hz: 30 fps (640 × 480, 640 × 360, 320 × 240)

Third Stream

  • 50Hz: 25 fps (1280 × 720, 640 × 360, 352 × 288)
  • 60Hz: 30 fps (1280 × 720, 640 × 360, 352 × 240)

Image Enhancement

  • BLC/3D DNR

Image Settings

  • Support rotate mode. Brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness are adjustable via web browser and client software

ROI (Region of Interest)

  • Support 1 fixed region for mainstream and sub stream separately

Day/Night Switch

  • Auto/Scheduled

Network Network Storage

  • Support microSD/SDHC/SDXC card (128G) local storage, NAS (NFS,SMB/CIFS), ANR

Alarm Trigger

  • Motion Detection, Tampering Alarm, Network Disconnected, IP Address Conflict, Illegal Login, HDD full, HDD error





General Function

  • One-key Reset, Anti-Flicker, Heartbeat, Mirror, Password Protection, Privacy Mask, Watermark, IP Address Filter

Interface specifications Communication Interface

  • 1 RJ45 10M/100M self-adaptive Ethernet port

On-board Storage

  • Built-in microSD/SDHC/SDXC slot, up to 128 GB

Smart Feature-set Behavior Analysis

  • Line crossing detection, intrusion detection, unattended baggage detection, object removal detection

Line Crossing Detection

  • Cross a pre-defined virtual line, up to 1 pre-defined virtual lines supported

Intrusion Detection

  • Enter and loiter in a pre-defined virtual region, up to 1 pre-defined virtual regions supported

Object Removal Detection

  • Objects removed from the pre-defined region, such as the exhibits on display.

Unattended Baggage Detection

  • Objects left over in the pre-defined region such as the baggage, purse, dangerous materials

Face Detection

  • Human face appears in the image can be detected and trigger linkage method

General specifications Operating Conditions

  • -30 C to +60 C (-22 F to +140 F), Humidity 95% or less (non-condensing)

Power Supply

  • 12 VDC ± 25%, 5.5W
  • PoE(802.3af, class 3), 7W

IR Range

  • Up to 30 m

Protection Level

  • IP67

How do IP cameras work?

What is it?
IP is short for Internet Protocol. When video is captured, it is send to the viewing device via a digital signal rather than a video/audio signal with dependency on voltage. The mechanism of capturing images is similar, but the big difference is the image can be compressed and viewed on any device anywhere on the same network. But, don’t worry, in order to use IP, you don’t have to be a boffin.

Yes, but what is IP?
IP is a protocol. This is a set of rules on how the data is moved across the network and how it is viewed. Apparently, there are over 8,000 protocols out there. IP is a principle communications protocol. It allows data to be split up and send to the right destination and back again easily and efficiently. It is this flexibility of communication makes image transfer very easy.

Why IP cameras?
IP cameras were first brought to light in 1996 by Axis with their Neteye 2000. Since then, the technology has improved year on year as people and the cost of production has reduced. IP cameras use thetechnology of packet switching. This is where the data is broken up into chunks or packets and travel to the destination independently and the re-glued together at the other end. This means, that a constant open circuit or signal does not have to be open or suffer loss. IP cameras are more successful as they offer higher resolution, more flexibility for recording and viewing anywhere in the world.

IP addresses
Like your home address, every device and computer connected to a network will have a unique number or IP address. Usually this is a set block of four numbers ie When you put a memorable web address into your favourite search engine, the web address is linked to an IP address. The domain name is easier to remember than a set of numbers. IP cameras use this structure connect and transmit the data from the camera to the viewer.

Hope this helps,

http://www.handykam.com support
If there are any more questions, please feel free to contact us.

FAQ – IP cameras

What is IP stand for?
IP stands for Internet Protocol. Its a fancy name for digital camera.

Why choose IP technology?
IP or analogue is the trade off between price, quality and flexibility. Here are the differences:

IP cameras pluses

   Higher definition
   Flexible to view
   Easier to stream

IP camera minuses

   Cost a little more
   Some systems may need technical assistance

Analogue camera pluses 

   Prices can be lower
   Wider options

Analogue camera minuses

   Lower resolution
   Separate power cable needed
   Harder to view on platforms

Do I need the internet for IP cameras to work?
No you don’t need the internet. You can just plug your camera into a computer. However, it you want the camera to be view-able on all devices then you need to connect your camera to a router. You only need internet access if you are wanting to view the camera outside your home.

I am non technical. Can I fit an IP camera myself?
Yes, just follow the instructions that come with the system. We pre-configure everything so you can find the camera easily. If you are stuck you can always ask someone you know that has computer knowledge to help you.

How do I view the IP camera on my phone, tablet etc?
Yes, connect your camera to the router. If your phone, tablet etc is connected to the same router you should be able to view the camera. All you do is download the free app.

How is the camera powered?
The camera is powered by either:

  • Power supply (POE injector). This pushes the power down the one cable and then the data back to the router
  • From a recorder (NVR – Network Video Recorder) The camera is powered from the recorder down the cable and the data is sent back down the same cable to the recorder

How do I see the camera on my device
Once you have connected your camera to a router. You can install an app and search for the camera or if you are viewing on a computer, you can find the camera and then view it.

Wired or wireless IP cameras?
We always recommend going for wired as it can be easier to power and connect. If you want to go wireless, there are a number of options.

  • WIFI over mains – As you already have mains wiring, data can be transmitted safely over this. All you do is plug the camera into a special mains adapter/plug. The signal then gets sent across your mains wiring in your house to wherever your router is. You then plug in another adapter and connect this to your router.
  • WIFI – We supply a WIFI adapter that plugs into your mains and connects, boosts your existing WIFI.

Beware of camera with built in WIFI as they can have either poor WIFI or hard to connect. The options above give you the best of all worlds.

Customers are at the heart of our business

Handykam.com are a trusted family business for over 10 years. We have always put customers at the heart of the business. We thoroughly enjoy creating and using the products we sell. We are passionate about it, and believe our customers are passionate too. All products (and especially instructions) are designed with the customer in mind, to make them practical, effective and as easy as possible to understand and use. The more we understand, the more we can offer our customers the best product and service.

We pride ourselves in giving you the best:

  • We have over 100,000+ happy users and viewers
  • choose Handykam.com firstOffer high quality, value for money technology
  • Most comprehensive systems available today
  • Everything needed, we try to include
  • 100% peace of mind service
  • Full 12 months parts guarantee and money back guarantee
  • 100% customer focused company
  • Legal UK Limited company with upto 20 year trading history
  • 70+ years experience in woodwork and electronics
  • Fast, friendly and reliable service
  • Most components are made and assembled in Cornwall, UK
  • Helpful, friendly service and advice
  • Trusted by 100+ leading institutions around the world

Leading organisations have chosen handykam.com

We have thousands of the top brands trust us. We have also helped support them too. These include BBC, National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, BTO, IBM, Balmoral Castle, All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club to name a few.
Leading researchers have chosen handykam.com

60+ of the worlds leading universities including Oxford and Cambridge University. We have supplied 100’s of schools and colleges around the world.

Leading government departments have chosen handykam.com

We have supplied many governmental departments including assisting DEFRA in Bovine research, technology for The Royal Navy and Air Force. We have supplied 100’s of regional councils and authorities.
Handykam.com first in the world for…

We helped shape the market and were the first in the world to:

Sell complete bird box camera systems that included fixtures and fittings
Manufactured first nest box light system
Produced the first remote research monitoring system
Make and sell 700TVL nest box cameras
Make and sell IP camera bird boxes
Make and sell 2MP mini nest box cameras
Make trail camera system
Have technology used in several world firsts – Including puffins laying eggs for the first time
Create bespoke technology

At handykam.com, we will continue to create an innovate and offer the best products.


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